Considering dropping out of online degree with 1 year left

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Mar 25, 2023
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I'm very concerned about current situation.

I'm currently finishing my third year of online school at SNHU. It's worked great for me in my late 20s. It has helped me go to college while keeping a full time job. The problem is that I was reading that most med/dental schools won't accept online credits for science classes.

I live in Boston. The dental schools in my area are BU, Tufts, and Harvard. Those schools demand you take in-person classes after contacting them.

My question is, if I take the science courses in person, and the rest of my gen eds online, would I still be disqualified for having an online bachelors?

Also to clarify, I'm interested in pursuing my masters before I apply to dental school.

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No, you won't be disqualified for having an online degree, but as you said, some schools require you to take science pre-req courses in person. Some schools don't even require you to have a bachelor's degree. Additionally, some schools don't care about online science courses (depending on the university you take them). Many dental schools accept online pre-req courses from UNE and some from UCSD. You have to check with the programs, but Roseman University is pretty relaxed about it from what I have heard. I think it's great that you are reaching out to the programs that you are interested in to find out.

I guess what I would do is reach out to some of the programs and set up an advisory meeting to see exactly what they would recommend.
If the program is fully accredited it should be okay. Labs must be taken in person, I don't think a dental school would accept online labs unless it was during the peak of Covid. Agreed with the above, while programs will take some folks without having a bachelor's degree it's usually those with 90+ credits (and probably stellar stats too). Most schools would like you to have a degree, however, and some have conditions of their acceptance that you finish your degree.

I do agree that you need to reach out to the schools and ask and get their opinion on this matter. It's better to get it straight from the source.
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definitely check with the schools.

curious why you would want to get a masters before going to dental school.

if your goal is to be a dentist, I don't see a point in getting another degree before. it's additional cost obviously but also burnout is real. and you are already in your late 20s. just my two cents on that.
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