Contacting a program?

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Oct 4, 2007
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Any thoughts on contacting a program about the status of your application and letting them know you are especially interested in them? Do you suggest email or calling them and what do you suggest saying?

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Would you not want to wait till after the MSPE have been released. ... which I guess is tomorrow ??? Its a question I would love to know the answer too as well as I am not sure if programs might get "pissed off" if I contacted them.

I have not contacted any programs yet but I did receive a general email from Mount Siani in Chicago pretty much telling people to "shut up and not call them" .... thought that email was a little bit rude !!!

None the less would love to know if people are contacting programs !!
yeah i was going to wait at least a week but i knew some people had interviews at this program so that's what prompted the question :)