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    :love: Okay, so I've done my research and there is NO ONE willing to pay for a pharmacists education- pay you back, but not pay for your education. 2 grand here and 5 grand there, and they won't you to be their slave for 2 years and 5 years respectively- no deal, thanks, what about the other $25 grand in debt I'm accumulating each year?? (LOL- ranting a little). So I come across the military (again). I respect what the guys in he uniforms do for us on a daily basis (I was even a soldier myself for 4 years, go figure). But I really don't want to go back in to the military unless I absolutely positutely have to. I came across a Cooperative Pharmacist Officer Scholarship opportunity from the Army which looks very attractive. You're provided with a 2 year ROTC scholarship and a 2 year Health Professions scholarship, for a total of the full 4 years of Pharmacy School covered-- they even throw in $1500 a month for you to live off of in addition to paying for everything. You give them 5 years back in return. It sounds tempting, and I've always felt like I had some unfinished business in the military (working my way up the officer ladder- not to mention being commissioned as a Captain right out of Pharmacy School piques my interest) but my questions is... does anyone else know anything about this program? If not, and feel free to prove me wrong about there not being anyone willing to pay for a pharmacists education- but does anyone know of any companies that offer decent scholarship packages that I don't have to give up my life for somewhere down the road? There has to be something out there to offset $100,000 in loans.. is there? :(
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