10+ Year Member
Mar 24, 2008
San Francisco, CA
Hi all,

My laptop screen broke this weekend, and it's $400 to repair--it's a pretty old and slow computer but fine for word processing and movies and what i use it for now (with everything important done on my fancy beautiful enormous mac at work!)....

I just wanted to know from any Cornell students if you use your personal laptops/computers for lots of schoolwork (in which case i'll just invest the $1500 or whatever in a new computer) that needs great graphics, lots of memory, etc, or not. Also, are there other computers available for us to use rather than our own laptops if we need them?

Thanks a lot!


10+ Year Member
Mar 12, 2008
Veterinary Student
Hey, I don't go to Cornell for vet school, but I went there for undergrad and spent some time up in the vet school. They have at least one LARGE computer lab, and several computers in the library. I don't know about how much computer work you have to do though.
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