Correcting hours error in Work/Activities AMCAS

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Jun 2, 2023
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So you think this wouldn't be an issue?
This is what I mean by "I wouldn't do anything about this."

Mistakes happen. There are material mistakes, which fundamentally change the way that the experience and as a result you as an applicant should be viewed, and then there are nonmaterial mistakes where it's more or less trivial. Whether 340 hours is "material" or not depends on the final number of hours, because there is a huge difference between , say, 50 vs. 390 hours. Between 550 and 890, not so much--this is a nonmaterial mistake. It is a ton of work to revoke an acceptance, and nobody wants to ruin someone's life for an honest mistake, so there is essentially no chance anyone would revoke an acceptance for this.

If you have an opportunity to correct this in a secondary (i.e. anything else we should know) that might be a good place to correct this. But otherwise I would not go out of your way to contact schools about this relatively minor error.
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