Corrections to secondaries for Case, Hopkins, WashU and Penn

Discussion in 'Physician Scientists' started by marq_bme, Aug 5, 2002.

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    After calling the admissions office, I have learned a few things:

    Case: CWRU does not require the graduate school app. their website is outdated, and they request that you just do the "i-app" online secondary. you need to only submit a $25 app fee to the MSTP office along with an MCAT score ticket and transcipt (both unofficial)

    Hopkins: When you print out your secondary app to send to them, they say on there that you need to enclose unofficial copies of MCAT and Transcript. Well after talking to the lady there, they said they are finally receiving AMCAS stuff, so dont bother sending those 2 with the supp. app.

    Washu: the 4 week deadline to get your app in is "flexible"

    Penn: They say that all LOR must be supplied on stationary by recommenders directly--well, a commitee CAN send those letters if they were originally on stationary and were photocopied to be sent out by the committee.

    Hope that cleared up a few things for people. I reccomend calling the admissions offices for programs your interested in. people are very very helpful!
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    Errr, I wrote "OWNED" on my MCAT score report in pink marker and stuck it to my door. Oops.
  3. jot


    hey thanks a lot marq_bme - i'll clear up some other q's i have and post them tommorrow:)

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    My name is Robert Drummond, I'm a first year MSTP student at Hopkins. Perhaps I'll see you when you interview! Good luck and let me know if there's anything I can do!
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    Hey Robert,

    I dont remember if I've met you before or not but if not then I guess I'll see you when school starts in September. With you now on board, there are 3 Hopkins MSTPers on SDN now (Sonic Hedgehog is another one)

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