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Jan 27, 2006
I saw this on Yahoo.
I didn't know licensed opticians perform eye exams at costco. no wonder they're so cheap!!

2. Eyeglasses

One-stop shopping at low prices has endeared Costco Optical to tens of thousands of vision-challenged shoppers. For $49, a licensed optician will perform a vision and eye health exam in an in-store exam room. A week later, you can pick up your specs. In a survey released this month by Consumer Reports, 30,000 lens-wearers chose Costco as their favorite optical retailer over vision store chains, independent optical shops, and private doctors' offices. Costco Optical earned the highest scores for overall satisfaction as well as for price, with its $157 median price for glasses. Compare that price with an average of $211 at independent optical shops, $212 at private eye doctors' offices, and $228 at Pearle Vision. Costco also stood out for lack of problems, such as loose lenses, distorted vision, or damaged frames in the first weeks after purchase.


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Apr 11, 2006
Optometry Student
That's strange.. my costco says "OPTOMETRIST".. not "OPTICIAN". hmmmm

I would have to just believe that Louise Tutelian is just as ignorant as some patients who don't understand the difference between opticians and optometrists.