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Jan 3, 2010
i have the AMCAS manual thing open as i pick summer classes so that i can take 2 fluff science-y things along with physics each session and i'm set with session I, but for session II i'd like to take things i'm actually interested in. biopsych is one of them. there are also special topics in biopsych classes that i'm interested in, so i wanted to know if they would count or not, since they are pretty bio/chem heavy (ex: psychophysiology, drugs and the brain).

also let me know what you think of this for session I:
- physics I + lab
- 200-level bio - cell, brain, and mind (intended for non-majors but IS a bio class, yay)
- intro to astronomy - heard this is a cake class
ALL of these will count towards bcpm according to AMCAS's rules
(just for reference, i'm using this:

session II is still in the making, but will include physics II + lab for sure.
maybe i'll take some non-bcpm classes for fun. thoughts and input greatly
appreciated. thanks in advance! :)


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Jan 1, 2007
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biopsych, physiopsych, neuropsych, applied stats (psych), etc. all count. cognitive psych and research methods courses can sometimes be counted (from what some SDNers have reported) but it really depends upon course content, AMCAS reviewer, etc.