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May 28, 2007
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I was wondering if the DO schools that I apply to this year will be able see that I applied to just MD schools last year. (Two schools instate at the last minute)

I have retaken a bunch of classes and my cGPA is a 3.7 and my sGPA is a 3.9, so DO school is looking like a great choice for me because my AMCAS cGPA is only a 3.3 and a sGPA of 3.2.

My MCAT is a 30M

I have all the EC stuff, DO letter, and clinical experience.

I'm just afraid that the DO schools will see that I applied just MD last year, and look down on my application because of it.

I was also wondering if going to a school's open house will increase your chances of getting into the school. (If anyone has ever experienced or has known someone that has experienced anything like this) Because I really want to go to PCOM but I live in Virginia and it's like a six hour drive.
Chances are it will come up. I think AACOMAS and AMCAS both asked if you'd applied before, though maybe AACOMAS will just ask if you've applied DO before. Either way though ... you have no reason to hide it, so don't. It's going to look way worse if you come off sneaky than people knowing you applied MD last year. You're a competitive applicant and you've shown DO interest (ie letter and ECs). Apply, interview well, and answer questions honestly WHEN ASKED. No need to give them info they aren't asking for, but disclose when asked ... ya know.

Feel free to ask more Q's, and you can PM me if you want.