May 13, 2020
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As I'm getting closer to finishing my undergraduate degree, I want to try to narrow down my plans/choices for how to go about a DIY Post bacc. Since I was pre-med during undergraduate, I've completed most possible BCPM pre-reqs, with the exception of Physics, so I'm focusing more on reinvention/academic enhancement for my post bacc. I've been scouring other threads to try to come up with a general gameplan and what I'm looking for in a postbacc institution-- this is where I'm having some trouble:

I'm looking to take maybe 2-3 basic/pre-req courses (physics, biochemistry (retake)), the rest would be higher level science courses (using many of @Goro 's list of recommended courses for reinvention), that possibly aim to mimic a 1st year medical school curriculum/rigor.

Should look to take undergraduate or graduate level courses for higher level science courses? If graduate-level courses, then what would be the best way to take these courses in a DIY postbacc pathway?

Which would be the better option if applying to a state school/4-year college: non-degree-seeking student or apply for another bachelor's (for financial aid purposes)?

I'm sorry if any of these questions are stupid/obvious, the internet has been my main source of info; I welcome any and all relevant advice that you guys may have, thanks in advance!

Dr Tapatio

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Jul 5, 2020
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Nothing mimics 1st year medical school

Just do upper level undergraduate courses. Nobody cares if you sign up as degree seeking or not

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