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Course suggestion for spring?


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May 17, 2010
  1. Dentist
    Currently I'm doing an informal postbac and need an advice of which class is better to take:
    Classes that will be taking for sure:
    -Second semester of Ochem T,Th 8am~10:30am
    -Ochem lab F 7:45AM~12:35pm
    -Intro to cell biol (upper, quarter) Wed 7~10pm

    Classes in mind:
    Osteoimmunology (online,quarter) prereq: physio and immuno
    Fundamentals of Human physio(quarter) T,Th 7~10pm
    biochem 153c -last part of biochem, currently taking 2nd part out of 3, but haven't taken 1st part.
    Reason I mention time and semester/quarter is because due to financial/class availability reasons Ive been taken mixture of quarter and semester classes. Both osteoimmunology and physio sounds interesting but sort of worried if i take physio, i would have 3 days in a row that i end at 10pm and w/ transportation i would be getting home at 12am every T,W,Th and go to F lab next morning by 7:45am meaning waking up at 5 to go.? in the other hand, i havent taken physio or immuno as prereq, bad idea to jump in?
    thanks in advance
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