COVID-19 and Transcripts

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Apr 14, 2020
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Hello! I submitted my AMCAS primary today without my official transcript, since I’m currently waiting for my spring quarter grades (which will be posted on June 19th). Considering that applications won’t be transmitted to medical schools until July 10, will waiting for my spring quarter grades to be posted result in any delays? Should I go ahead and upload my transcript now without the grades since the verification process is time-consuming?


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If you have an MCAT score already abs the spring semester grAdes don’t drastically improve your GPA, I would submit it with the transcript and grades now. If you delay til spring grades you might not be in the first batch sent to schools July 10
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Thank you for your feedback! My MCAT is 517 and my spring quarter grades would improve my GPA from 3.77 (3.69 sGPA) to 3.79 (3.72 sGPA). Would it be worth waiting in this case?