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COVID-19 Clinical Volunteering?


import pandas as pd
Feb 5, 2020
The Great Midwest Mountains
  1. Pre-Medical
I just finished my sophomore year and am trying to really beef up my clinical volunteering hours. However my partner is immunocompromised so actual patient contact is really difficult for me right now. There are two opportunities that I can pursue but I'm not sure either are clinical volunteering.
The first is a crisis counselor, I'm almost positive this doesn't count but just wanted to check. It would involve manning a crisis line for people considering suicide.
The second is a remote interpreter for a free clinic. I'm fluent in Spanish/English, undergone translation training and the clinic will provide more training for me. Normally I would think this would certainly be clinical volunteering but due to my partner it would be remote (I would facetime or call into the room with the doctor and the patient). Thoughts?

Thanks in advance!
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