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    Hello all!

    I am currently licensed in Pennsylvania, took the boards in May of 2007. I am looking to move to California this summer/fall, and wanted to start studying for the CPJE exam so I can get my license ASAP. Since I was licensed last year, I do not need to take the NAPLEX (thank god!), but I wanted to know what I should focus on. I heard clinical points are a big part of the CPJE, so I don't know if I should review some medication information. I do feel a bit rusty on some of these points, but I don't know what I should focus on. I will buy the Weissman and APhA book, and look at IV diluents and antibiotic reconstitutables. Any other help would be greatly appreciated!!
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    Hi Wilkes,
    I just took CPJE recently. For my case, it was a mix exam including case-based and random questions. There were many stand alone questions regarding indications, side effects, interactions, and storage info. I think you don't have to study as much as other new grads since you already licensed in PA. Just focus on weissman, APhA book, the package from PSI(some questions in there can reappear in your exam). Overall, I think CPJE needs a basic knowledge that an entry pharmacist should be master in order to practice in CA.
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    I agree with Rx2008 about the concepts tested on the CPJE. However, I would use caution. that a lot of pharmacists do not pass the CPJE. You should do the sample questions on the CA BOP website. The CPJE questions are very similar to those type of questions. If you do well on those questions, you should do fine. PM me if you have any questions.
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