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Nov 1, 2012
Hi everyone,

Like all applicants who took the CPJE 2019 after June, I had to retake in November 2019. I received a passing score for the CPJE November re-take exam and honestly believe I had passed the prior exam if the CA BOP had released and not invalided it. I find both exams to be similarly difficult. My current job position would have been eliminated if I had not pass this exam.

I've looked to this forum in the past for guidance and recommendations, so I wanted contribute my experience for others who are actively preparing for the CPJE. Please DO NOT ask for any questions or answers related to this exam. I know we all frustrated regarding this whole situation due to dishonesty and cheating by others, but at the same time we need to move on and focus on the task at hand. So, here goes...
  • Disclaimer - My experience regarding the CPJE may be different than others and yours as well. There are likely many versions of the CPJE and it almost seems as if luck plays a role in whether you get a version with subjects that are most familiar to you. I am not a gambler, so I studied hard on all subjects in my study book.
  • I read many threads and some were helpful, but most were somewhat negative and overwhelming. Even before beginning my CPJE journey, I felt very stressed and hopeless to pass this exam, especially since my job depended on a CA pharmacist license and I have family to support. I suspect that many applicants who did well on this exam never bothered to post their experiences on this forum and many of those who did not do well or believed they did not do well did. As I continued my journey, I realized that I must stop reading the negative or overwhelming posts and put aside all the negative, fearful, stressful thoughts and give myself self the opportunity to pass this exam. Stress, doubts, and fear doesn't help - you must try as best to ignore these. Whatever happens happen and the best we can do is to just prepare for it.
  • Here's my background...I have a family with kids and a full-time job. Although I work indirectly with drugs, I have not had direct patient care for the last 8+ years. I am not a genius nor do I have a photographic memory. That being said, if I can pass this exam, then there is definitely hope, so Do NOT give up!
  • My study materials used - RX Prep Naplex and CPJE clinical 2019 book & 2019 questions bank and PassNaplexNow CPJE 2019 law book & videos
    • RX Prep Naplex and CPJE clinical 2019 book - I hated this book so bad because it is a reference book written with long paragraphs. Related information are dispersed in various sentences/paragraphs, so you must try hard to locate and organize all relevant facts. Outlines would have been better IMO. However, this book helped me pass the CPJE. Others have tried PassNaplexNow Naplex and CPJE clinical program and had stated to pass the CPJE.
    • RX Prep 2019 question banks - questions are much easier than the CPJE. However, practice taking exams will add to your experience of taking an exam. I believe the experience of taking an exam is helpful to taking the real exam.
    • PassNaplexNow CPJE 2019 law & videos - It covered 90 % of the law questions I had on the exam. But, since every points matter on the CPJE, I would look elsewhere if I had to do it over.
    • I did not use Pharmacy charts or CPJE Secrets, but I read that others have added these to their study. For me, I wanted to stay focus on my primary study materials and not spread myself too thin.
  • I studied almost everyday including weekends for 8 months after work. This would be 2-3 hours each night after work and 20 hours on weekends. If you have a family, you will need to ask them to give you this time to study and minimize any distraction, unless you are a genius and can capture this information quickly. I am not a genius, so it took me 8 months. I wanted to prepare myself as much as possible to pass on first try even though the re-take exam is out of my control. This whole process is vert stressful, painful and you have to make many sacrifices such as watching your family and friends experience life while you are stuck at the desk studying, so put your best effort to try and pass the CPJE on first try.
  • The CPJE - Disclaimer again - everyone will have a different experience with the CPJE. My experience after taking the CPJE twice and is similar to what others have stated on this forum with the material/topics tested. However, I want to emphasize that you need to know CA pharmacy law in regards to the business and operations of pharmacy and not just if the prescription is legal or erroneous. Many have stated the law portion of CPJE is very basic, but this was not the case for me.
  • Don't try to over interpret the questions. If you don't know the answer, cross eliminate the incorrect options, then pick one that is likely most appropriate and move on so you don't run out of time.
  • You need to prepare and set realistic expectations. For most people, do not think/hope you can pass this exam after studying for a month. Take your time to study and review the material thoroughly and take practice exams.
Best of luck!
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