Crackheads IMing me.....

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imagine sisyphus happy
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Jun 23, 2003
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This is remotely entertaining.

[23:39] FaRealSon: mcdiggy
[23:40] McDiggy2k1: ??
[23:41] FaRealSon: da **** u puttin a ?? for
[23:41] McDiggy2k1: I forget who this is....
[23:41] FaRealSon: im from spf
[23:42] McDiggy2k1: ..ok, about i forget what a spf is...
[23:42] McDiggy2k1: I am tired and confused
[23:42] FaRealSon: spf!
[23:42] FaRealSon: what forum do u visit
[23:42] McDiggy2k1: 20 or so?
[23:43] McDiggy2k1: You mean student doctor?
[23:43] FaRealSon: oh ya
[23:43] McDiggy2k1: SDN
[23:43] FaRealSon: sdn
[23:43] FaRealSon: not what i was referrin to but ya
[23:43] McDiggy2k1: oh, ok.
[23:43] FaRealSon: anyway, i need some cocaine
[23:44] FaRealSon: and your avatar looks like a pair of balls
[23:44] McDiggy2k1: It probably does.
[23:44] McDiggy2k1: Anything else you;d like toadd?
[23:45] FaRealSon: WHAT
[23:45] FaRealSon: ENGLISH please
[23:46] McDiggy2k1: вы имеете секс с козочками?
[23:47] McDiggy2k1: Oh, Enlish
[23:47] McDiggy2k1: English
[23:47] McDiggy2k1: Forget that G all the time...
[23:47] McDiggy2k1: I was asking if there was anything else you'd like to add.

*time passes*

[23:48] McDiggy2k1: Ah, c'mon, keep typing, when the occasional idiot I don;t know randomly IMs me, it's entertaining as hell.
[23:49] McDiggy2k1: You're disappointing me, Krzysztof...
[23:50] McDiggy2k1: And the block coming in........
[23:50] McDiggy2k1: 3
[23:50] McDiggy2k1: ....
[23:50] McDiggy2k1: 2
[23:50] McDiggy2k1: .....
[23:50] FaRealSon: go **** ursedlf
[23:50] McDiggy2k1: Want me to videotape it and send it to you?
[23:51] McDiggy2k1: ...and
[23:51] McDiggy2k1: ....1
[23:51] McDiggy2k1: ......
[23:51] McDiggy2k1: BLOCK

The stuff I get to deal with. Anybody else get this type of stuff. Not that I mind it or anything, it cracks me up.....