Critique my current timeline? Sophomore Pre-med.

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May 13, 2020
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Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone more experienced than I could evaluate my pre-medical “resume” up to this point, and perhaps give me some pointers where I am lacking / succeeding (ideally both):

I entered college in 2018 and will graduate in 2022. At this point, I have just concluded my Sophomore year. The institution isn’t very large, but the financial aid is amazing and faculty is great. The smaller classes / lack of distractions (parties, etc) make for a perfect learning environment (I also commute to save further money). I have finished my coursework in Physics 1/2, Biology 1/2, Chemistry 1/2, Organic Chemistry 1/2, Physiology, Anatomy, all associated lab courses, Calculus, Spanish, and a few electives for my Honors requirement. Currently taking Psych over the summer and will take a specialized Medical Sociology course next Winter. MCAT plan is for Summer 2021.

Major: Biology, specialization in Human Anatomy (considering either a Physics or Spanish minor)
GPA: 3.98
sGPA: 3.97 (Pre-reqs complete)

My extracurriculars currently include:
  • Medical Scribe in an inner-city ER for the past (nearly) 2 years: ~1200 hours.
  • Volunteering on a Neuroscience / Neurology Care Unit for 1.5 years: ~120 hours
  • Vice-President of the Neurology Club (inviting physicians to come give talks / lectures, organized a successful Get-Well Card campaign for recovering patients on the Neuroscience floor where I volunteer)
  • Supplemental Instruction Leader (for roughly 70 students): Duration was 4 months.
  • TA for an Honors Course, where I led my own small group (20 Freshman) through the course and organized / led a service event. Duration was also 4 months.
  • Have not begun yet due to COVID, but I am joining a research lab focused on Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell differentiation for use in regenerative medicine. Currently reading literature and working with the PI since I can’t do bench work until August / September.

In the very near future, I plan to pursue the following:
  • Co-founding a UNICEF chapter with the intention to begin a tutor group project for a local underprivileged school next Fall
  • Volunteering as a Crisis Counselor over the summer
  • Shadowing a Neurologist and a Neurosurgeon (once COVID is through. I was supposed to do this in the summer, but plans changed secondary to epidemic)

I became involved with research very late (end of 2nd year), mainly due to lack of opportunities (I was also scammed by a “friend” from a larger university that I had secured her old research position from which she was leaving, only for her to go behind my back and give it to someone else at the last minute, costing me a summer. Not trying to complain, just stating that I got myself involved later than I would have liked). Due to COVID ruining my summer plans, I am considering taking a gap year to focus on research and achieve a publication or 2, if my Honors thesis does not accomplish this for me. I am really passionate about the use of regenerative techniques / tissue engineering using stem cells.

My dream school is either UPenn, UMich, or Mayo (any high ranking research institution). I have a strong passion for Neurology and research, and am looking to possibly pursue a surgical fellowship in the future (I have reasons, undetailed here, for this choice of field).

I truly appreciate you even taking the time to read this -- any feedback is monumentally helpful!!
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