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Dec 7, 2017
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Hello everyone, I am currently applying to medical schools but being that I am a reinvention candidate I wanted to make sure I had a back up plan so that if I don't get an acceptance this cycle I can better my application. My stats and metrics are as follows:
- Sub 3.0 cGPA ( but my GPA over two years and 50+ credit hours of sciences is a 3.89 )
- Compelling story
- First generation college student
- Low SES
- Good ECs
- Worked as an ED scribe for over two years.
- Taking my MCAT in June but have been scoring around 510 on practice tests.
- Strong letter of rec from professors and physicians I have worked with.

As I said above I just dont want to waste time and was advised that I should apply to med schools and SMPs at the same time to avoid having another GAP year if I do not gain access to medical school.
State of residence is Florida. Applying both DO and MD.

Thanks in advance
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