CSM Las Vegas

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Dec 6, 2008
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Any SPTs or PTs attending CSM in February???

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How did Las Vegas go? I was sorry that I missed it. I am hoping that there is another Las Vegas Show in the near future! Hopefully it was a huge success!

R. Rincon
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I went to CSM for a pre-conference course in golf fitness/rehab put out by Titleist and SPTS. Didn't make it to the actual conference. Usually they schedule it well, however, this year I don't understand why they held it in the middle of the week as opposed to the weekend. I think that prevented a lot of people from going. I'm sure it went well though.
I was there for the week, it was great information as usual. The biggest problem was record setting attendance (I hear over 9,000 attended) and several popular sessions had to turn people away because of building fire code.
While there I also had the pleasure of meeting Dr. John Epley (of vestibular fame) which I though was pretty cool.