CSPM interview tomorrow. Scared!

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Sep 17, 2008
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I have no idea why I'm scared, I've been excited for this interview for months. I am prepared to answer red flag questions, questions on why I want to go there, questions on why I want to be a podiatrist, I have plenty of questions to ask, etc...but im still scared uHGHHHHHHH

any. other. advice? :oops:

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youll do great, just relax:):) whats are your stats?

p.s. dr tran is awesome ;)
There's really no reason to be nervous.
Thanks guys, I know I'm being a bit silly. Honestly, just reading the comments made me feel alot better!
How'd it go??

Oops, meant to post! It went great, both interviews went well. I interviewed with Dr. Dutra (sp?) and he was a real chill guy even though I stumbled over myself a few times. I also met the dean who is also very friendly. Good day overall
Awesome! Congrats and good luck!!