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Feb 26, 2004
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i recently had an interview at SLU...and i thought it went well...my interviewer was very personal with me...he seemed interested in what i had to say....and we talked for a loooooong time about all sorts of things..including his family, grand children and all kinds of things...but he never went into "recruitment mode"....looking back i'm not sure what he must've thought of me...any signs that might help me think one way or the other..
i know this whole interview process is as unpredictable as it gets..but still if someone has nething...that they think i could consider let me know....i'm curious what interview signs are good and what are bad...


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Sep 30, 2002
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yup dude, as you mentioned, the interview process is extremely unpredictable. For example, when I interviewed at a school in NY, my interviewer was 1 hour late, asked me very dull questions (ie, how are you?...wtf?), and looked at me like a ***** when I answered my questions.......i was accepted ~3 weeks later. Contrast that with my best interview by far, which was extremely relaxed and friendly... it covered everything about myself, my app, my reasons for going into medicine, along with other stuff. I left that place with an amazing feeling that all the signs pointed towards good news.....needless to say, I was waitlisted from that school, and I think it hurt a lot b/c I kept thinking about the 'good signs' I got from my inteview

So dude, I'm afraid to tell you that signs can be misleading....its all crap-shoot; heavy emphasis on the word CRAP

Just try not to think about it (ha, yeah right) and wait it out:horns:
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