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Feb 26, 2008
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So here is my situation;

I graduated undergrad with a Bio major. I took the DAT once did poorly. Took it again and improved to an avg score of 18, but math was a 14 so need to retake b/c of that and 18 is just avg. Unfortunately, under the advisement and pressure of my family I applied with the scores and was obviously rejected, plus my application was late in the cycle.

So instead I began my masters in public health which I should be finishing next year. I am studying for my re- take and have applied for the current application cycle, nice and early. I am terrified that I will eff up my DAT and not get again. Lets face it this is my last chance pretty much. I spoke with an admissions counselor at NYU and they said in short I need to raise my chem and orgo to a 20 to math my bio.

In the event I don't, I have begun considering international dental schools. And am looking for advice, thoughts, and any information anyone may have. I know it's not that same as those who go to the Caribbean for med school. Thanks for your time!

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Pons Asinorum

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Jul 30, 2010
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I would really recommend that you post this in either the pre-dent, dental student or DAT forums if you're looking for advice. Though this is the "non-trad" forum, very few of the people who post here regularly are going to have much advice for a pre-dental student, and even less useful advice on how to approach international dental schools.