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Feb 13, 2010
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I've been hearing a lot from first year medical students about how their interview process at UTSW seemed all too cutthroat, which is why they chose not to enroll there. This actually happened with several of the med students who sat on the discussion panel at UTHSCSA, and they all said the same thing.
My friend who attended UTSW, very bright guy I might seemed to think the same thing.

Honestly, how cutthroat is UTSW? is it really THAT much more intense than all the other med schools in texas? their curriculum sure seems like it, but from anyone who's ever interviewed there, or attended med school there, what were your thoughts?


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Jul 10, 2008
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How does their curriculum seem more intense than other Texas schools?


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Jul 10, 2009
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When I interviewed and went to second look weekend, the students seemed happy and well-adjusted. They all said the that they worked hard and wanted to do well, but that the competition was with their selves rather that with each other.

The first semester is pass/fail and the other 3 basic science semesters are not graded on a curve--so there isn't much of a reason for the students to compete with each other. Everyone seemed pretty happy to me, but maybe they were just putting their best face on for us.


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Sep 1, 2008
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Opinions on the place will vary with who you meet while you interview there.

I know a number of students there who are VERY laid back, super smart, and just do their thing. They love it, and a few have already decided to stay there for residency.

I also know a good number of students there that are very competitive. It got much worse when UTSW changed the curriculum to a curve (they changed it back because of a HUGE uproar). My good friends there have had books and notes stolen from them, and they admit that some students there are just too competitive for anyone's good.

I'd say that UTSW is easily the most cut-throat of any medical school in TX, but depending on who you associate yourself with, there are plenty of GREAT people there too.