CWRU (Scholarship) vs UCI

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Aug 13, 2021
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From CA, interested in matching rads/gas preferably in CA in the future.


- True p/f preclinical, no internal ranking, no AOA or Gold Humanism.
- Very cheap, after scholarship 4 years tuition comes out to around 55ish K total.
- Strong match list
- Structured time for research
- Strong surrounding affiliated hospital network

- Far away from home
- Snow in the winter


- Closer to home
- Nice weather
- Decently strong match list

- 2nd year h/p/f instead of p/f
- AOA & Gold Humanism
- More expensive, after scholarships 4 years tuition comes out to almost 150k total.

In summary:

Both schools have 2 years pre-clinical. Living expense probably comes down to something similar with me being able to leech off some groceries from my parents on the weekend but not close enough to commute from home completely, while rent and grocery in Cleveland are cheaper overall. The decision most likely comes down to a school being close proximity to home and with nice Socal weather vs a cheaper, less competitive, and higher-ranked school.

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Is being closer to home worth 100k (+ interest) ~ upwards of 150-200k? If it were me, I'd follow the money here and pick CWRU. You'll have access to the Cleveland Clinic and two or three other pretty strong hospitals there, plus the amount you'll end up paying back after interest will be tons less than UCI. Even if you could get groceries and stuff from home, I'd be surprised if COL came out to be similar - I'd expect it to be significantly more expensive for UCI. It seems like you'd be a lot less stressed at CWRU (both academically and financially) and it would keep more doors open for residency because of the strong in-house programs at Cleveland Clinic and the other hospitals.
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