D.O.?s and the future: AOA and ACGME internships and residencies? Please reply...

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    D.O. types:

    As you are aware, in some states, in order to obtain licensure, graduates are required to complete an AOA approved internship. In addition, in order to serve in certain osteopathic academic positions or sit for AOA specialty boards, you also need to have AOA approval of your internship/residency. I also am aware of the resolutions that the AOA approved this past year. One of which allows graduates in ACGME programs to receive AOA approval, as long as they do the five required rotations (family practice, female reproductive medicine, general surgery, internal medicine and pediatrics) in their first year of GME. For those D.O.?s who have/are going to non-AOA internships/residencies. Are you going to receive AOA approval via one of the new resolutions? ...Or are you just going to stick with the ACGME route and never seek AOA board certification or approval? How will this affect your career?

    If you do not mind, can you elaborate on the details a little. I know this whole AOA approval is an ongoing problem. The number of DO graduates is increasing every year and the number of AOA approved sites, (mostly due to restrictions in Medicare funding) are not. The problem is a lop-sided one also. For example, at one D.O. school, the number of graduates going to AOA internships/residencies numbered at 97%. In contrast, at another school the number of students going to an ACGME position was 70% of the graduating class. ...comments, opinions, predictions for the future?

    Thanks for your time

    By the way, I was recently accepted to five D.O. schools. I interviewed at M.D. institutions, but I have my heart set on going D.O. I know I may appear to be thinking four-years into the future, but I think this question needs to be asked by anyone entering the D.O. profession. Therefore, please do not give me the ol' ?worry about getting through medical school, before you start planning your residency? routine; I have already heard it. On that note, I would like to hear your opinions on this topic. Thank you again [​IMG]

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    The way I look at it:

    - there are less than 10 AOA positions nationwide for the specialty I am looking at (IM/peds). Numberwise, it would be easier to match at an AOA surgical spot...

    - the way the IM/peds residency scheduled is compacted, there is no way I could get even one extra rotation in there to satisfy the criteria set for recognition of my PGY1 year in lieu of my rotating internship.

    - doing a rotating internship and then apply for a ACGME position in IM/peds would put me at a disadvantage, because the program would have to come up with the money for my PGY4 exclusively from their budget.

    - I would rather forfeit the ability to practice in 5 states than spend the rest of my life in a specialty that was a 2nd choice for me, so that I could get AOA accreditation for my GME.

    - as for holding an academic position at a DO institution, I have no interest in academic medicine.

    - I wished the AOA would have created some loophole for people in my situation, but they haven't yet. The AOA has taken many good steps in order to give DO graduates the oportunity to remain members, and it should be commended for that. I am sorry none of them will be of help to me but, who knows, things can change in the future.

    - I have no regrets about my choice of going DO, in the light of the items I discussed above.

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    I had every intention of doing my osteopathic internship until last week when it occured to me to look into going straight into my residency. I called the AOA yesterday and was told the following:

    1. Without the internship, you can still be a member of the AOA. (They'll be happy to take your dues [​IMG]

    2. You can go through "re-entry" which will allow you to become board eligible in your specialty within the AOA. (I'm not sure of the significance of this yet, I'm looking into it.) But re-entry will not allow you to be liscenced in those forbidden 5 states. You can go straight AMA for board eligibility and still practice medicine but I don't know why you'd want to sit for 2 sets of boards.

    I personally know a pathologist at my school who did not do an internship yet her title is assistant professor at an osteopathic college. I'm looking into that as well.

    3. Alot of people are applying for approval by declaring financial hardship and saying that because of student loans they can't afford to move twice.
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    Thanks for the replies. I am going to bump this post up every now and than. I appreciate any and all comments.
    Everyone has a little different perspective depending on their school.

    Thank you all very much for your time.


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