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Dartmouth Delayed Decision?


7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Jan 28, 2004
    Did anyone who interviewed at Dartmouth some time ago receive a letter recently (ie today) saying that they've more or less delayed making a decision on our application because their process is so thorough or some nonsense?

    I just wanted to know who else go this and to vent. I think it's really annoying to have interviewed so early in the process (october) and then not receive a rejection, acceptance, or waitlist but receive this letter like 4 months after the interview. I would rather be rejected, ugh.

    Just wanted to know who else is in the same boat with DMS???


    Senior Member
    15+ Year Member
    Oct 16, 2003
      I just got that same letter today here in Georgia. I interviewed the first week of December and this is the first time I hear back from them. I did some searches on SDN and apparently, a decent amount of people do indeed get accepted in late april. I guess that, with such a small class, they're really careful about who they accept
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      7+ Year Member
      15+ Year Member
      Oct 17, 2003
        I got the letter, and it is just kind of silly. They are drawing this process out way too long - they said I might not hear from them untill May and I interviewed in october as well. You know what, at this point I don't care what they say. I finally want to choose the school I am going to and start planning things for next year.
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