Jun 25, 2016
I need a good source for cell cycle stuff number of chromosomes and chromatids and all that splitting crap the numbers got me all messed up. y'all use any good videos or lectures or anything for that section? man i feel like theres so much crap left to do and I only got a month left
May 24, 2015
Here is a summary: you already know that a diploid cell (2n) stays diploid in mitosis. How can 1 diploid cell make 2 diploid cells? During Anaphase each split chromatid counts as a chromosome because dipoid cells undergo replication (hapoid cells don't) during interphase(= 4n).

For Meiosis, you should already know it creates a hapoid from a diploid. Meiosis I creates the haploid by splitting the sister chromosomes (not chromatids). Meiosis II for one of those haploid cells undergoes "further meiosis" and each chromosome splits into two chromatids, each one going to the new cell.
So it goes 1 cell with 2 sister chromosomes => 2 cells with 1 chromosome each => 4 cells each with 1 chromatid
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