1. D

    Barry University MBS vs. Rutgers University MBS Fall 2020

    Hey! So a little background information. I applied to dental school for the past two schools and did not get accepted to any programs. My oGPA is 3.19 (not sure about my science, but around that as well). I took the DAT twice and scored 19 both times. So, I have decided that I will pursue a...
  2. M

    Can someone explain a "strong" GPA trend?

    Hey everyone, I hope you all are safe during these tough times. This may be a bit annoying as I'm sure you have heard the same questions again, but I am curious as to how a slight upwards gpa trend looks for dental school? So to further explain, I started my college credits in high school at a...
  3. P

    dental school & health issues

    Hi everyone, I really need to get this off my chest. Hopefully I can gain some insight from any pre-dentals/ dental students/ dentists etc. I'm a pre-dental student who has been working as a part-time assistant at a dental office for the past five years. This upcoming summer, I planned to move...
  4. gettingbread

    High science GPA but a SAD little cumulative GPA

    I’ve been trying to figure what dental schools to apply to that are within target range (I know I should already have figured this out), and I’m started to feel VERY nervous because my cumulative GPA is for sure low. Does anyone have advice as far as schools that might be a good fit, or have any...
  5. M

    Re-Applicant Dental 2020

    Hi all, I'm currently applying for the new cycle but I'm confused at what to do. Because of COVID-19, all prometric test centers are closed. I'm not sure when I will be able to retake my DAT because of that. should I apply to the schools anyways or wait to submit until my new test scores are...
  6. ripbabwe

    Withdrawing Application?

    Hi guys! I am a third year predental undergrad, so traditionally I should be applying to dental school this month. I have recently been thinking about taking a gap year though, for the purpose of making sure that dentistry is without a doubt the career I want for the rest of my life. I have been...
  7. rcollinb

    Which Masters Program Should I Choose Before Dental School (POLL)?

    Out of these programs, which program would prepare me the best for dental school (in poll)? Which program would look the best to a dental school? I understand it depends on the success of the program, how well I could do, and what I enjoy, but I am looking for an outside opinion that I may not...
  8. rcollinb

    One year Masters before dental school question & advice!

    Hey folks! I hope all are well during the strange times. I just wanted to post my situation right now to see if any of y’all wouldn’t mind giving me some advice! I am just about to graduate and I did not gain a seat to dental school this cycle. It left me with a gap year to do something...
  9. D

    Chances for acceptance for dental school with career change?

    Hi currently podiatry student I have a 3.6 gpa from my masters in biomedical , 3.6 science gpa 3.3 undergrade cumulative I have tons of volunteer experience, was a organic chem ta for a year plan on getting dentist shadowing hours this summer/fall planning to take Dat this summer as well if my...
  10. P

    Non-resident US Citizen Chances for Dental Schools

    Hey guys, I am finishing off my sophomore year (at Western university in Canada), and was wondering what options I have for dental schools in the US. I am a US citizen (but not a resident of any state because my family moved away years ago). I am also a Canadian citizen, but considering my gpa...
  11. C

    UNE vs SCUHS Online Human Anatomy??

    Hi everyone, I need to complete the human anatomy pre-req for the school I am applying to before the end of June. I have not been able to find much information regarding the online human anatomy course offered through UNE (University of New England) and SCUHS (Southern California University of...
  12. D

    Oklahoma (OOS) vs. MWU AZ

    I'd really appreciate any responses to this. Midwestern is obviously more expensive but not by much more as I will be out of state for Oklahoma. I really enjoyed both of my interviews. I like the small class size at OU and I love the clinical experience Midwestern provides. The clinic at OU...
  13. S

    What are the chances of getting accepted with an interview in early Feb?

    Hello all, I applied late in the cycle (early January) and was invited for an interview on Feb/03. The interview went great,. It has been two weeks now, and I still have not heard anything, should I be worried? I'm counting the days while pulling my hair out :/ .... they also told me that if...
  14. R

    Low GPA Advice Needed

    Hi Everyone! I applied this cycle and have not received any interview invites. The biggest problem with my application is my low GPA. My stats are oGPA: 3.3 sGPA: 2.97 DAT AA: 22 TS:19 Bio: 19 OC: 18 GC:19 RC: 27 QR: 25 PAT: 18. I know I need to improve my GPA, but I am unsure of the best way to...
  15. haley1438

    Should I Consider a Masters? Or a retake?

    I’m currently freaking out because my DAT score is 19 and my GPA is 3.6, I’m not confident that I can get into dental school with that. Would it be worth my time to skip applying this cycle in May and do a masters or retake my DAT or should I chance it and apply anyways? I have a ton of...
  16. F

    Pre-dental looking for help to answer a couple questions....

    Hey everyone, I am a nontraditional pre-dental student who is looking to transfer to a university to start my classes for my bachelors in Biology BS in the fall of 2020. I don't have a super competitive GPA at the moment but my goal is for it to be at least a 3.5-3.6 once I am done with my...
  17. S

    Maybe Gap Year?

    Hello everyone! So I was thinking about taking a gap year as I am finishing undergrad this December! Thank God, so I wanted some advice, originally I was thinking to go straight into a post bacc program for next Fall. Which would give me 6 months off before I start school again. But I've been...
  18. predentgurl10

    Failed 2 tests in Physics and Chem out of 4

    I’m in a really tough dilemma right now and need some advice. I’m taking Chemistry 1 and Physics 1 for the first time and had no idea what I was signing up for, excluding the fact that I’ve always had the negative assumption engrained in my mind that I’m horrible at math. I just never really put...
  19. L

    Barry University BMS Spring 2019

    Hey, I just recently got accepted to the barry university biomedical sciences program. I was wondering what to expect from the program and if anyone else is entering during the spring semester?
  20. ROGERxThat

    Please help me set up a plan for getting into Dental School...

    Hello, I’m new to the community, and I’m glad I’ve found this website!(: A little background information, I’ve graduated college with a degree in finance, worked for 5 months and did not enjoy it what so ever. I shadowed a family friend who is a dentist and I absolutely loved it! With that...
  21. A

    Courses recommendation

  22. D

    DAT Transcript Dilemma

    I'm a Canadian resident and I requested the CDA to send my DAT transcript to admissions offices of the universities I've applied to back in May. 8 out of the 10 universities I applied to received the transcript except for Tufts and Temple University. I tried to reach out and get a hold of them...
  23. B

    Canadian Pre-Dental Student

    Hello everyone! I’m currently a sophomore at a Canadian university and I have been researching the various dental schools in the US. Since it’s extremely competitive to get admission in a Canadian dental school, going to the States for education will likely be my backup. Honestly, I would prefer...
  24. Zenm1986

    Question about pre-reqs being completed prior to app submission

    Hi folks, I've been a lurker for a few weeks, great deal of information and want to thank all of you for contributing and helping us pre-dentals in gaining knowledge about the process. I am currently finishing my undergrad, non-traditional student, former management professional; I was...
  25. C

    Dental assisting vs. Shadowing? what looks better ?

    I had visited a dental office twice over the past couple of months just helping out the dental assistants, watching the dentist on some of their procedures, with the hopes of one day asking the dentist if they would allow me to "officially" shadow them (My friend works there as a dental...
  26. Podong194

    Problem with C- grade

    Im trying to apply for dental schools but I realized most of them require C or better scores. I had one C- for general chemistry 1 in my freshmen year but the university does not allow to retake because C- is a passing grade. What should I do?? Should I take an online class to fulfill the...
  27. T

    What should I do?

    Hello future dentists! I’ve been secretly viewing posts on SDN since middle school and this is my first post lol. I’m an upcoming senior pre-dental student at a top 13 public university. So far I have taken Gen chem one and two, bio one and two, anatomy and physiology one, microbiology...
  28. Dustyrose96

    DAT Prep DILEMMA, please HELP!

    You know the saying that there is a time and a place for everything? Or something along the lines of things having"bad timing"? Well, I feel like I am either not finding the right time to start my DAT perp.. or I'm just too afraid of starting because I don't want it to go downhill. I know its...
  29. D

    How i got into dental school with LOW GPA (under 3.0)

    Hi everyone! since the cycle was just opened, i want to share my experience when i was applying to dental schools. When i was applying last year, I was on SDN NON STOP. I was nervous, scared, and full of questions. I'm here to share my experience on how i got into dental school with LOW GPA. If...
  30. S


  31. L

    Freaking out

    SO I'm taking the DAT next wednesday. Ive been studying for months but majority is watching videos and practice questions i think my main downfall is patience to take the test. the minute i see questions i dont know i just end up guessing which leads to me getting low scores on the practice...
  32. S

    Free DAT Practice Test through 'March 2 Success' (Peterson's DAT) - Anyone Taken This??

    Has anyone used the free DAT given by "Peterson's" through "March 2 Success"? My pre-health advisor at my University recommended it to me, but I can not seem to find ANY information about other students using it. It would help if I could gauge my scores against other students', because the test...
  33. D

    Filling out personal information on AADSAS

    Would you recommend filling out the non required parts for personal information section. Also, would you recommend filling out the parent gaurdian section and would it even be favorable to indicate that you have parents that work in the medical field. I don't want to disclose any unnecessary...
  34. Nik_Died

    SMP or Informal Post-bacc. GPA 2.8/3.1, DAT 20

    Hey everybody! First I want to say I really appreciate anytime you put in to reading/ replying to my post. Thank you in advance. I'm not asking about my chances per se, just looking for advice: SMP or informal local Postbacc. (BTW i’ve read EVERYTHING about my position here on SDN), but here’s a...
  35. K

    Is Dental School Worth it? Canadian, Atlantic Bridge, Debt?

    Hi everyone, I just finished my second year of undergrad. I had an extremely rough first year due to mental illness, so my cGPA is not the best (2.94). My second year only GPA is a 3.5. I am not the best at science, I have always had to work very, very hard to understand the concepts. My major...
  36. K

    PreDental Coaching/Advising

    It has been a long time since I have been on SDN, but I remember it well since it's a great place to find general advice on how to get into dental school or a variety of other professional programs. My name is Zack Neitzey DMD. I graduated from Tufts School of Dental Medicine in 2017. For three...
  37. Biggytooth

    When to apply for NHSC & HPSP by to be competitive?

    Hi, By what month should a person apply for an NHSC or HPSP scholarship? Are they so competitive that you should apply asap? Or are some branches less competitive and relatively easy to get? Thanks for your input!
  38. M

    Dental schools statistics/ private schools

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone have dental schools statistics data that could share with me (for instance school names/ requirements/ gpas/ volunteering.. etc.... and also all private schools in the US (that are easier to get it than other schools) I would greatly appreciate your help

    multi mini interview (mmi) for dental school

    Hi, I have an interview very soon and I went over few medical/dental cases and I am not sure if I should go over as many cases as possible or go over ones with more ethical dilemmas... Any advice for multi mini interviews?? Going over few scenarios will be enough for the preparation? Also, is...
  40. M

    Dental schools that Canada accept

    Hi everyone, I have one question, do you by any chance know what countries (universities) do Canada accept when u finish dentistry without having to do those 4 exams for entrance? Or do you know where I can find this information? I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me.