1. A

    Feralis vs. Bootcamp for bio???

    My test is on August 3rd and so far I have been studying bio using the pre made bootcamp anki decks. However, I've heard so many good things about the Feralis deck that it has made me consider using those instead. I'm a bio major so I feel like I have a good chance at scoring highly on that...
  2. N


    Hi everyone! After finishing up the DAT this past Monday, I finally have had time to post a breakdown. Since I used so many other breakdowns to develop my study schedule, I wanted to be able to give back a little bit. This period can feel overwhelming, but the time you put in now will truly pay...
  3. modernfam

    Reapplicant-Do we have to re-order new transcripts?

    So I'm re-applying this cycle and idk if we have to order our transcripts again? I graduated back in 2020 so there are no changes related to my grades.
  4. F

    Score Breakdown of my DAT (May 2022, 23AA)

    Hi guys!! I just finished my junior year of undergrad. I took my DAT in May of 2022 after about 8 months of really discontinuous studying. I used multiple resources, but only parts of each so don’t feel like you need to purchase everything you see below. Because I took it immediately after the...
  5. S

    Missing Biochem Prerequisite PreDent

    Hi all! I am a graduate student applying this cycle, but I have not taken Biochem. I plan to take it in Summer 1. My Undergrad GPA is low (2.9), and after the spring, I'll have one semester of my grad school GPA (4.0 hopefully) under my belt. Would it be better to apply early and then submit the...
  6. D

    SPEP Collegiate II Texas A&M / TAMU Dentistry 2022-2023

    Hey everyone! I see there's no thread for this year's SPEP Program so I made one!
  7. penspinner

    NHSC Application - "Good Standing Report" Question

  8. N

    Short on time and in need of DAT Study Advice

    Hi everyone! I am currently a Junior, preparing to take the DAT and apply this upcoming cycle. I have 16 credits this semester and work as a tutor, so I have been fairly busy and cannot devote as much time as I would like to DAT prep (probably about 3hr/week currently). However, I am off of...
  9. Dhudez

    Some advice for 2nd time applicant

    Hey Everyone, Little background about me: Applied to 14 schools back in 2019: 3.4ish oGPA/3.1 sGPA DAT: 18AA/19TS/17PAT 500+ hours of shadowing 500+ hours of volunteering 4 strong LOR's I ended up getting one super late interview in April 2020 which ended up being virtual due to covid. I...
  10. Summerd08_

    UAB SOD Remediation?

    I'm trying to decide between UMKC and UAB. I really like both schools so it's hard to decide since they each have a great curriculum and clinical experience. I've seen that UAB has some of the highest clinical graduation requirements compared to other schools, but my worry is the didactic...
  11. B

    UNC (OOS w/ scholarship) vs. UMSOD - Maryland (IS w/ scholarship)

    Interested in specializing in pedo. I will be applying for the NHSC scholarship, but it is highly competitive. I'd also like to buy a practice as soon as possible, after a couple years of associateship. Thanks for your advice! School 1: University of Maryland School of Dentistry (In-State +...
  12. 1004jelly

    UPenn vs. Columbia

    Hello there! I was grateful enough to gain acceptance to multiple dental schools, but I am currently trying to choose between 2 schools, Columbia and UPenn. I know cost is going to be a huge factor, but I personally plan on leavingg my current state so in-state tuition doesn't really matter to...
  13. V

    Indiana (IS) vs. UDM

    I live in Indiana, so the tuition would be cheaper but I've been told that going to detroit mercy would be a lot more beneficial (in terms of the clinical program) and I would just be happier there. What is everyone else's opinion. I don't know the overall differences between the school aside...
  14. R

    WAMC: Transfer student with only one interview this cycle

  15. K

    WAMC: Low Master’s GPA, Good / decent DAT

    Hey all, I’ll just post my stats and let y’all do your thing. Have you heard of anyone getting into dental school w/ these stats? Im currently 80k in debt w student loans, so I’m trying to grasp for any hope at this point. I took the DAT once after undergrad. My last hope to make up for my...
  16. whatsgoodfam

    Do OOS students compete with other OOS students for OOS spots for public dental schools?

    Hey guys! Im new to SDN so please forgive me if I misplaced this question in the wrong area or anything. But I was wondering if OOS students compete with only other OOS students for OOS spots in public dental schools? Or do we also compete with the IS students too? I'm asking because I know many...
  17. captainClappa

    WAMC 20 DAT 3.1 cGPA 2.9 sGPA

    Date of submission: Sep 7 Overall GPA: 3.1 Science GPA: 2.9 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 2.65 DAT score: 20AA 20TS (18,19,24) 19PAT 20QR 17RC State of Residence: Ohio Major: Bio Definitely Count as disadvantaged, but not necessarily minority Reapplicant? No Nontrad? No, added a 5th undergrad year...
  18. devontrann

    What major to choose?

    I'm currently a student in high school and as the fall season comes up I'm currently deciding on what major to choose as I plan to take the pre-dental route once in college. I'm currently stuck between human biology and public health as many students choose biology, but I believe that choosing...
  19. dentrhow

    Good Dat Score Low OC

    Hi everyone, I took the Dat and I got AA 23 [RC 30 QR 23 Bio 24 Chem 23 OC 16 PAT 19]. Initially, I thought it was fine as my AA was pretty high but I am concerned about the 16 in OC, is that something that's gonna get me filtered out?
  20. confused undergrad

    UKCD (OOS) or ULSD (OOS)?

    Hi everyone! I am applying to both Kentucky schools, but I'm an out-of-state student (from Florida). Does anyone have opinions on which is better? I'm not sure if I want to specialize, but I know ULSD has better opportunities for research. Is it easy to specialize from both schools? I like the...
  21. E

    Dental Hygiene LORs for AADSAS Dental School Application

    Hey everyone, I'm applying to dental school this year, and I'm in a bit of a unique situation with my LORs. I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Predental/Dental Hygiene, and I've been working as a dental hygienist for 2 years. I asked two of my professors from my Dental Hygiene program for...
  22. modernfam

    WAMC- decent GPA/DAT

    Date of submission: plan to submit this week Overall GPA: 3.51 Science GPA: 3.29 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 3.28 DAT score (include AA and all sections): 19AA, 19 Bio, 19 GC, 20 Orgo, 19 PAT, 16 QR, 19 RC (This was my retake, my last score was 17AA) State of Residence: Fl Major: Biology...
  23. N

    Harvard Extension School

    Hi Has anyone applied to the premedical program at Harvard Extension School or completed the program that I can talk to about? Thank you!
  24. T

    dental schools with the best clinical programs

    Hi everyone! I know there aren't rankings for dental schools. But putting tuition aside, which dental schools do you think produce the best general dentists that are ready to work right out of school and work confidently? I know most schools have a good clinical program but which schools have...
  25. G

    Chances for Dental School App?

    Hi All! Just recently took the DAT and didn't score as well as I wanted, so will be retaking in August. Score breakdown: PAT: 18 QR: 15 RC: 22 OC: 19 GC: 20 BIO: 16 Overall: 18 GPA: 3.98; ScGPA: 3.95 Volunteer hours: 200; Shadowing hours: 500 My question is as follows: should I submit my...
  26. S

    DAT in less than a month, just took my first full length on DATBooster

    So my DAT is in less than 4 weeks and I just took my first full length test on DATBooster. I was using DATBootcamp towards the beginning of my studies, but it expired and I decided to try out DATBooster. I'm honestly feeling defeated after my FL, as my scores really haven't improved in the last...
  27. kanoshuusai

    Any F-1 international applicants this cycle/current dental students ? What are my chances...

    Heyyy all, my first post here! I am an international student with a F-1 visa (just graduated from a US University) and I just finished my DAT few days ago. My stats: (DAT: 21PAT 24AA 24TS with 30 on Ochem -> which was my weakest subject during undergrads :cryi:so happy with this score) GPA...
  28. I

    dat submission

    hi guys, so i am planning to take my dat july 7th or 8th but i am going to have the other aspects of my aadsas completed. Should I just submit and add my dat on later or wait for my dat before submitting it?
  29. modernfam

    WAMC Average GPA/Low DAT Score

    Overall GPA: 3.51 Science GPA: 3.26 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 3.25 DAT score (include AA and all sections): AA:17 TS:18 RC:17 QR:15 BIO:17 GC:17 OC:19 PAT:18 State of Residence:Florida - GPA experienced a dip my 1st year at university. I did dual enrollment so my freshman year was really my junior...
  30. modernfam

    Opinions on phlebotomist training/internship studying for dat at the same time?

    So I'm planning to retake my DAT around late june-early july and I am currently interning at a dental office (unpaid) 3x a week for about 4 hour shifts. I also wanted to get job training as a phlebotomist because I feel like I know more about the exam then the first time I took it and I want to...
  31. T

    UConn Medical/Dental Preparatory (DAT) Program

    Hello! I was recently accepted into the MDPP program at UConn and I was wondering if anybody had any insight as to how the program is? I am taking the DAT in August and I'm super excited to be apart of the program! Also, if you were accepted too don't be afraid to reach out!
  32. modernfam

    Professor asked me what to include in LOR

    Hey y'all, so my professor actually completed most of the LOR and we discussed what else she might add. She mentioned that I can text her anytime about what to include since I had graduated in December. So far, I took the DAT (will have to retake), interning/shadowing pediatric dental office...
  33. Dr.XY

    Any Advice for retaking DAT?

    I am wondering should I retake DAT for the 2021-2022 cycle? Profile: A Low DAT 18AA with a high overall GPA(3.9) and sGPA (4.0), decent background, and extracurricular volunteer and shadowing experience.
  34. F

    2021-2022 Texas A&M SPEP Collegiate II

    Hello everyone, I’ve created a post for SPEP Collegiate since I noticed there wasn’t one.
  35. 1004jelly

    Supplemental Questions for each dental school

    Hey guys. I will be applying for next application cycle and i don't have lots of time in May/June due to family circumstances (will be working full time 8am-11pm lol..) and was hoping if anyone was willng to share their this application cycle supplemental question for this year and possibly dm...
  36. S

    WAMC? When to take DAT?

    Hello, I am currently a junior majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and I am interested in going to dental school. My GPA is very low compared to others; my cGPA is 3.28 and my sGPA is 3.27. I don't have much volunteer hours in the dental field but I have been shadowing a dentist. My...
  37. P

    Volunteer Hours from High School

    Hi everyone, first post here! I just had a question about volunteer hours for dental school. I volunteered for most of my high school years (mostly during sophomore and junior year) at a local animal shelter, have accumulated more than 360~ hours as it was one of my genuine passions outside of...
  38. paggal

    When do you guys think a second surge of acceptances will happen?

    Dec 15th was the first..... Roughly when should we hear back this time?
  39. missssyasi

    Anyone else being ghosted?

    Hi guys, I applied this cycle to 18 schools and only heard back from 3. Is anyone else having the same problem? By this point last cycle I had heard back from most places :nailbiting:
  40. O