1. leealexco

    I missed my DAT eligibility window. Need advice. Thank you!!

    Hi everyone. So my DAT eligibility window closed on May 8th, I meant to extend it, but I forgot. I originally wanted to take it before June 1st, before the school application opens. I tried to start a new application for DAT, but my application status says"In Process," and I'm not allowed to...
  2. T

    What Are My Chances?

    REALLY just trying to see where to improve on my application. Any insight from you guys would be much appreciated. Date of submission: 5/30/2023 (Hopefully!) Overall GPA: 3.91 Science GPA: 3.89 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 3.8 DAT score (include AA and all sections): 21 AA 22 TS 23 PAT 26 Gen...
  3. P

    DAT Breakdown!

    Hi everyone! I’ve really enjoyed these posts and think they are super helpful to gain an idea of what to expect for the exam and how to best prepare. Obviously, everyone prepares for these exams a little differently, however here is what worked best for me. A little background: I just graduated...
  4. M

    How do I apply and register for the DAT so that I have enough "emergency days" but don't finish studying too early before my test date?

    Hello, I will begin studying for the DAT soon using the DATBooster 10 week schedule. I plan to allot 12 weeks to this process because I will be volunteering once per week (just a few hours), I have a mandatory 2-3 day event to attend this summer, and I may need the extra time in case I get sick...
  5. frans_

    DAT retake 3rd Attempt

    Hi! I would love advice on what studying resource to use for my third attempt! 1st attempt: 2021 used DAT Bootcamp, Chad's Prep. score breakdown: AA:16,TS: 17,PAT: 16,QR:13,RC:16,BIO:16,GC: 16,OC: 17. - I was def not ready this attempt, I rescheduled countless times and just wanted to get...
  6. R

    DAT SCORE :/ and :)

    Date of submission: June 1st Overall GPA: 3.87 Science GPA: 3.80 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: ~ 3.9 DAT score (include AA and all sections): PAT:19 QR 16 RC:20 BIO:22 GC:20 ORG:18 TS:20 AA:19 Total: 19AA/20TS/PAT19 State of Residence: Virginia Undergrad Attended: if you want to include this Major...
  7. T

    DAT Retake: Round 3

    Hello - I am a current dental hygienist who plans to take the DAT for a third time, in hopes of enrolling into dental school this summer. I have a 3.5 GPA, a BA in biology (graduated 2015) and a BA in dental hygiene. I spent roughly 4 months with DAT Bootcamp to prepare for my first attempt and...
  8. H

    WAMC upcoming cycle - low GPA and okay DAT?

    Hi everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my thread, any advices are greatly appreciated! :biglove: Date of submission: next cycle Overall GPA: 3.45 [term GPA: 3.5 - 2.65 - 3.55 - 3.15 - 3.26 - 3.69 - 3.62 - 3.92 - 3.75 - 3.79] Science GPA: 3.38 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 3.49 - 2.79...
  9. N

    DAT Retake, 18 AA to 24 AA: Scores Breakdown

    Hi there! I just wanted to post a breakdown of my DAT scores and some notes in case they help anyone. I took it twice: the first time in the summer of 2021 (between my sophomore and junior year of college) using DAT Bootcamp (Pro, $497); and the second time in the fall of 2022 using DAT Booster...
  10. V

    25 AA, 26 TS, 24 PAT breakdown!

    Hi everyone, I took my DAT recently, and I wanted to do a breakdown of my scores/study strategies in case it’s helpful to anybody! Mine’s kind of untraditional because all kinds of things went wrong in my study process, but I’ll point out how I used my study time. I owe a lot of credit to my...
  11. W

    WAMC 2023-2024 Cycle

    Date of Submission: Planning sometime in june OGPA: 3.89, may be 3.9 when applying SGPA: 3.81 DAT: 19AA/20TS/16PAT; 22 BIO, 19 GC, 18 OC, 20 RC, 17 QR Residency: Texas Major: Biomedical Sciences (Pre-Dental concentration) Minor: None Reapplicant: No Nontraditional: No Shadowing: 160 total...
  12. D

    Can I apply now? (first year masters student)

    I'm a first year grad student, started this fall semester (Sept). The dental cycle is opened, and I do not know if I am allowed/can apply now even though my first semester grades will be released in December (after my final exam grades are posted). I also took my DAT last year.
  13. S

    2022 DAT Breakdown (23AA/22TS/21PAT)

    8/16/22 Hiii everyone! Reading all of the past DAT breakdowns helped me a lot throughout my studying journey, so I wanted to share my personal experience. I only had 2 weeks to study, so it was pretty stressful, but I’m glad it turned out well. To those who only have a short period of time to...
  14. T

    My DAT Studying Breakdown! (using DAT Booster and Bootcamp)

    Hi everyone, I took my DAT recently and went from getting 16s on my first practice exams to a 24 AA, so here’s my studying breakdown of how I did it: Scores: 24 AA/24 TS/24 PAT Background: I’m a junior in college and have taken the regular pre-reqs, plus a few electives like microbiology and...
  15. John Meehan

    DAT Advice (MY DAT IS IN 4 DAYS! HELP :) )

    Good afternoon y'all, I come for some advice. I am taking my DAT this Saturday (8/20/22). I have been studying since the beginning of April, I followed Aris schedule and have been doing a practice exam every other day since last week. I try to replicate the exam setting as close as possible...
  16. preden1221

    PAT Help

    Hello All, So i dont take my DAT until January, but have spent this summer to do a majority of my studying. I started in May and have been using primarily Bootcamp. While everything is going great, i am struggling in the PAT BAD. I went through Joel's videos, and have been doing practice...
  17. O

    DAT Breakdown

    I wanted to share my DAT experience with everyone and hopefully receive/give helpful insight! I have no idea if my DAT score is considered "good" as it is heavily lopsided. Perceptual Ability: 18 Quantitative Reasoning: 17 Reading Comprehension: 28 Biology: 30 General Chemistry: 19 Organic...
  18. A

    Feralis vs. Bootcamp for bio???

    My test is on August 3rd and so far I have been studying bio using the pre made bootcamp anki decks. However, I've heard so many good things about the Feralis deck that it has made me consider using those instead. I'm a bio major so I feel like I have a good chance at scoring highly on that...
  19. norfleet1131


    Hi everyone! After finishing up the DAT this past Monday, I finally have had time to post a breakdown. Since I used so many other breakdowns to develop my study schedule, I wanted to be able to give back a little bit. This period can feel overwhelming, but the time you put in now will truly pay...
  20. Alexa Souto

    DAT Breakdown (22AA | 22TS | 20PAT)

    Hi everyone!! I never thought I would be the one making this but here I am!! I just took my DAT this morning and I am very happy with my results, and I hope I can ease some stress with my breakdown! (It's kinda long sorry) I started studying towards the end of March and took my DAT on June 15...
  21. R

    Getting 70-80% on Question Banks

    Im currently getting 70-80 correctness on question banks for Bootcamp. This is very concerning since 1. Represent what I might expect I'll see on the DAT (although a bit harder) 2. You can only miss 4 questions on the sections for a 20 apparently 3. Information is very fresh for each section My...
  22. V

    Should I retake the DAT

    I recently took the DAT, and well... it didn't end up that great. Here are my scores: PAT: 20 QR: 21 RC: 21 Bio.: 16 General Chem.: 18 Organic Chem.: 17 TS: 17 AA: 19 sGPA: 3.7 cGPA: 3.8 I have been the president of my university's pre-dental honors society for a year now and will start working...
  23. Sean Roudnitsky

    March 17 DAT Breakdown (23AA/23TS/22PAT)

    Hey all, just took the DAT (March 17), hopefully I can provide some useful information for y’all. Scores: PAT - 22 QR - 20 RC - 26 Bio - 21 GC - 22 OC - 27 TS - 23 AA - 23 Background: Current Junior (biology major) with ~3.9 GPA. I was initially scheduled to take the DAT on January 20. I...
  24. L

    Took my DAT this morning! Need advice on low subsection score

    Hi!! I took the DAT this morning. I was pretty happy with my score, but I was seeing the average TS of some schools and now I am a little worried- especially for my low general chemistry score!! My scores are PAT: 22 QR: 20 RC: 26 Biology: 21 General chemistry: 17 Organic chemistry: 19...
  25. monti12

    Accepted to dental school with low GPA and low DAT

    Hi, I got a lot of hope from reading other journeys similar to mine while I was in the process so I thought I'd share! I was *finally* accepted to dental school this cycle! About me: Non traditional (I graduated with my Neuro degree in 2015) took the rest of my pre-reqs at both a community...
  26. datdentalgirl99

    DAT Breakdown (24AA)

    Hello everyone!! I took my DAT yesterday, and am so happy with my scores! I found breakdowns so helpful before and during my exam prep, so I wanted to share my experience. Resources I used: DAT Booster, DAT Destroyer, Bootcamp, and Anki. I bought Booster and Destroyer and the start of my...
  27. Jun Ki

    DAT retake and scheduling

    Hi guys, I'm taking DAT next week, but I might have to retake it. Since I have to wait at least 90 days, it will be end of March 2022. I was wondering if it’s possible to schedule the test date ahead of time or do I have to wait 90 days to schedule the test date? I'm just worried about not...

    Premed to Predent

    So I'm finishing up my masters at Rutgers Biomed, however, I came in as premed. GPA has been a 4.0 but due to undergrad and copious credits I took, it only brings it up to above a 3.4. I'm Asian so if I continue w/ medicine I'm most likely going to osteopathic school. I'm not okay with becoming...
  29. TopscoreDAT


    TopscoreDAT 12 weeks programs, is a well structured online course with a daily schedule. The course program will smart track your progress, for better understanding of your improvement. Every on demand video or question in our exams will be effective in breaking down the hardest concepts on the...
  30. C

    ~ DAT Breakdown (28AA | 27 TS | 21 PAT) ~

    Hey all, I took my test in August 2021 and I’m more than happy with my scores! Seeing everyone’s breakdowns really helped me figure out how to go about studying so I wanted to share some info as well. Before any of that though, I wanted to give some words of encouragement: I graduated from...
  31. Fancy312

    Application has all DAT exams?

    Hi everyone, If the last time I took the test was 2018, does that score get included in the application with the new one? Or do those scores 3 years or older just dont get counted anymore? I would like to show schools that I did improve from the previous scores.
  32. M

    Do I need to take Orgo 2 before taking DAT?

    Hi, I'm a pre-dental student, and I have some questions about what classes to take before taking DAT. I took Gen. Chem 1 and 2, Bio 1, Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2 and Microbio 6-10 years ago. I'm planning to take Bio 2, Orgo 1, and Biochem in Spring 2022 while studying for DAT and take DAT in...
  33. teehee123

    What are my chances with my stats

    Hi,2 I am a Canadian student looking to apply to American dental schools. My GPA is 3.64 My GPA is 3.55 My DAT score: PAT:19 QR:18 RC:23 BIO:21 GC:20 OC:18 TS:20 AA:20 I still have to get shadowing experience butbecause of COVID, it has been very difficult to find. My ideal option would be to go...
  34. A

    Should I Study 6 months for the DAT while in school?

    Hi everyone, I was thinking of studying for the DAT using DATbooster for the next 6 months. I am currently a full time student. I plan on studying 1-2 hours a day while I am in school for the next 3 months to get a feel for the material. Then, when winter break comes around, I will be studying...
  35. thisis123

    Should I retake the DAT?

    This is my second time applying to dental school and I am not sure whether I should retake the DAT or not in order to improve my application. My first time taking the DAT last year I got a score of: Bio - 20 Gen Chem - 20 Orgo - 20 PAT - 22 RC - 21 QR - 18 In the previous cycle, I received a...
  36. F

    WAMC Looking for some direction

    Date of submission: 09/07/2021 Overall GPA: 3.3 Science GPA: 3.0 DAT score (include AA and all sections): 18 AA, 17 Bio, 14 Orgo, 13 Gen chem, 15TS 28 RC, 18 QR, 19 PAT State of Residence: VA Major: Global Health Minority? Yes, Middle Eastern Reapplicant? No Shadowing Experience: 450...
  37. dentrhow

    Good Dat Score Low OC

    Hi everyone, I took the Dat and I got AA 23 [RC 30 QR 23 Bio 24 Chem 23 OC 16 PAT 19]. Initially, I thought it was fine as my AA was pretty high but I am concerned about the 16 in OC, is that something that's gonna get me filtered out?
  38. dentrhow


  39. S

    Difficulty of QR on DAT 2021

    Hello! I was wondering how those who recently took the DAT felt about the QR section? I've been preparing using Booster and I have been struggling quite a bit with scores ranging from 13-19 (about 19/40 to 25/40). My exam is in a few days and I have been going through questions and making sure...
  40. M

    DAT Breakdown

    Scores: PAT 23 QR 30 RC 25 Bio 30 GC 30 OC 29 TS 30 AA —— 29 Hi all, I took the test in 2020 but decided to post this on here in hopes it could help someone! Bootcamp was the only material I used, and it was fantastic. I studied for about 6 weeks (averaged out to 5ish hours a day) and worked...