DAT breakdown 25 AA/ 26 TS/ 19 PAT

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Jun 3, 2019
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Hey guys! I'm pretty new here and I took my DAT a week ago and I just need reassurance about my score
So basic stats and GPA:


AA 26
TS 25
OC 27
GC 30
BIO 23
RC 23
QR 22
PAT 19 ☹

I feel like my PAT section is so much lower compared to my other sections and I'm a bit concerned. I have been keep on getting ~20's on practice exams and I think i kind of zoned out during the section :( Would this still be a competitive score? I'm applying next cycle tho (I would love to apply this cycle but got like 0 personal statement completed + still need shadowing hours)
My GPA isn't that high ~3.59 and I really needed solid score on DAT since I need to rely a lot on scholarships..

thanks guys!! really appreciate your feedbacks


Hello! congrats your scores are amazing!!! were you allowed to fold your sheet of paper during the pat section?