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May 2, 2015
Hey all! I just took my DAT yesterday, and here are my scores:

Perceptual ability: 20
Quantitative Reasoning: 21
Reading Comprehension: 24
Biology: 23
General Chemistry: 29
Organic Chemistry:26
Total Science: 25
Academic Average:25

That being, I just thought I would share a few tips about studying/materials I would recommend that might be helpful to other pre-dental students.

DAT Bootcamp: 15/10!! I'm not kidding guys, this is the real deal. Personally, I thought bootcamp was much harder than the real test, but did it ever prepare me well. Bootcamp has tons of perceptual ability generators and exams for every subject, with detailed lectures on every topic that the DAT can possibly cover. It also gives detailed explanations for all answers that you answer. Make sure to not only read these answers, but also to go back over your notes/topics for the questions that you struggled with, whether you got them right or wrong! Also, DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED BY BOOTCAMP SCORES. They shouldn't be used as an indicator of what you'll get on the real DAT, but more as an indicator about your weaknesses- which you can fix before the actual exam. Should to @Ari Rezaei for making such a great resource available to us presents!

DAT Destroyer (Biology, organic chemistry, general chemistry, and math: Honestly, I thought this was a must. I went through each of the destroyer topics twice through, and while destroyer is hard, it's really so much more effective than just rereading your notes as solving tough problems in themselves will ingrain the concept in your head. If short on time though, I would definitely recommend at least just doing general chemistry and math, which can be very similar to the exam and save you on some of those trickier problems! Thank you @orgoman22 :)

Cliffs AP Biology Book 3rd edition/Feralis notes: 10/10. I never took notes on any of these sections (I'm usually a pretty good memorizer), but I DID reread Feralis notes four times through whenever I had spare time- during meals, cycling at the gym, whenever! I truly believe Feralis notes is everything you'd ever need to know for the biology portion of the exam, and if you can memorize this you'll be GOLDEN. Biology destroyer can then be used to fill in the gaps as needed, but again if you're short on time, I think Feralis notes would be sufficient :)

Overall, I studied for about 2.5 months for around 8-10 hours a day. While this might be overkill for some, I am definitely a person who needs more time to prepare for an exam and trust me, I did NOT want to retake this haha. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me or just comment on this thread! I'm happy to help with any questions.
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