dat 2017

  1. F

    CDR vs real DAT

    I have been using crack the DAT to practice reading and... I am doing TERRIBLE!!! I scored a 16 on most of the practice tests so I am kinda freaking out... for those who already took the DAT, is cdr similar to the actual DAT in terms of difficulty??
  2. T

    2017 V 2018 DAT destroyer

    Hello, Can someone inform me on the differences between the 2017 and 2018 versions of the DAT destroyer. I have the option of getting one or the other. I know of changes in the DAT in 2016 that would make a difference, but I am uncertain of any changes in 2018 vs the 2017 DAT. Thank you
  3. J


    Anybody have a link to an anki deck corresponding to each AP cliff bio chapter??? Just downloaded anki and am using a deck somebody uploaded but its based off different materials that i am using.
  4. T

    2017 Vs 2018 DAT destroyer/Math Destroyer

    Hello, I have the option to buy the Combo for $75 for the 2017 version. The 2018 Version online is $200. Money is not a huge issue, but is their a large/worthwhile difference between the two. I plan to supplement these regardless with Bootcamp and other pivotal resources. Also if your name is...
  5. beeepbooop

    21AA DAT (21AA/21PAT/20TS): some encouragement!

    I just took my DAT today and did better than I was anticipating with a 21AA. I wanted to make a brief post to encourage people who are still studying and still feeling like they're not hitting the scores that they want to get on the actual test. Obviously this is just my experience, but I...
  6. drawingdentist

    In Need Of Advice : Full course load, IPrep Dental and work. Is it doable?

    Hi everyone, I am in need of some advice. I am applying to dental school this upcoming cycle and was wondering if any of you were successful in your DAT prep while taking a 15 credit semester, working part time and taking a DAT prep course (I will be taking IPrep Dental). My classes for next...
  7. F


    Retook my DAT today and these are my scores: First attempt: AA18. TS19. Bio19. Orgo 19. GC 19. RC 16. QR 18. Pat 20 Second attempt: AA19. TS20. Bio19 Orgo 21 GC20 RC16 QR17 PAT19 English is my second language so I am having trouble with reading. What do you guys think of my chances of getting...
  8. L

    DAT Done! 21AA/21 TS (10/23/17) but...

    Hey everyone! Can't believe I'm finally making one of these posts. Here is my score breakdown... PAT: 20 QR: 16 :( RC: 23 Bio: 20 OC: 22 GC: 22 TS: 21 AA: 21 Overall, Im happy with my scores except for QR. I really don't want to have to retake unless I really have to... For me, getting a 16 on...
  9. Ms. Anon

    November 2017 DAT

    So who's giving the DAT this november? Please share and tips and tricks which work for you! especially for the PAT section! Getting screwed in the form development and angle ranking part! Also, did anyone notice that angles look a bit off in Crack DAT PAT?
  10. niagra_falls

    DAT in 10 days help me !!!

    hello all , my DAT is in 10 days and i feel tired of studying , i still have to do some practice exams and finish bootcamp but aside from that is there any advice someone could give me about the day they took their test ? i feel preety nervous about it and i know that ill be done will all the...
  11. E

    Alloted Time For Destroyer 2017, Math Destroyer 2017 and Bootcamp?

    Hi guys, I'm nearing the end of my review stage and will start practice questions soon. I may reschedule my test date based on everyone's input (I'd like to pay the $25 reschedule fee as opposed to the $65). How many weeks is sufficient to go through all the materials in DAT Destroyer (2017)...
  12. N

    Canadian applying to american dental schools

    Hi guys, I'm a Canadian citizen and I'm going to be writing my Canadian DAT in November. I'm applying to Canadian and American schools (only the ones which say they accept Canadian DAT). However, the Canadian DAT is different from the American since it does not contain an organic chemistry...
  13. T


    Hey all! I just took my DAT yesterday, and here are my scores: Perceptual ability: 20 Quantitative Reasoning: 21 Reading Comprehension: 24 Biology: 23 General Chemistry: 29 Organic Chemistry:26 Total Science: 25 Academic Average:25 That being, I just thought I would share a few tips about...
  14. F

    Dental School Recommended I retake DAT

    So I applied to Dental School, took my DAT (and did very poorly). I applied a week before I took the DAT because I did not think I would do as poorly as I did. But anyway, I had already told myself that I would just wait until next year to retake the DAT and apply again for next cycle. I am...
  15. D

    Dat Breakdown

    DAT Breakdown below. 26AA | 28 TS | 30 OC | 27 GC | 26 Bio | 22 RC | 24 QR | 25 PAT Special thanks to Ari at DAT Bootcamp & DAT Destroyer. I am a non-traditional student who hasn't taken Biology in 10 years, work full-time, and am not a "good" test taker. My only opportunities to study were...
  16. paperbands

    DAT Breakdown 2017 (24 PAT/30 QR/30 RC/30 BIO/27 GC/28 OC/28 TS/29 AA)

    Before I start… I apologize for how lengthy this post is! I took my test yesterday! I studied for around 10-11 weeks. The first month and a half was inconsistent studying, and I studied between 0-6 hours a day (probably with a mean of 3-4 hours a day). I didn’t crack down until the last month...
  17. S

    DAT Rescheduled: Studied in the summer, taking DAT in the winter

    Hey guys! I've been trying to find a thread that matched with my situation the most, but I cannot seem to find any. But I really need advice and some help! I was set to take the DAT this early September but I do not feel ready at all. I've studied everything but my scores in QR/Math and General...
  18. dl2501

    DAT Breakdown 23AA/24PAT/24TS (non-science major)

    Let’s start this breakdown! Study time period: I graduated at the end of May, and after being with family for a week or so, I started to do research about this DAT thing. And if you take anything away from this post, it is this: do research about all the different study materials and...
  19. R

    Average dat scores this cycle

    Based of the forums it seems to be that the dat scores of applicants of this higher are much higher than years past. Is there any truth to this or anyway to find out the average dat score for this cycle?
  20. J

    Are my DAT scores good enough?

    Hi guys! Just took the DAT I am going into my senior year as a Bio major and I will be doing a gap year. I was wondering if my scores are good enough or will I have to retake it? DAT breakdown: PAT: 23 QR: 20 RC: 19 Bio: 23 GC: 18 :( OC: 22 TS: 20 AA: 20 GPA:3.35 Will my low scores in GC and...
  21. niagra_falls

    the DAT and Anxiety

    Im having trouble managing my anxiety levels while studying for the DAT , i have tried yoga , meditation, studying outside, simple breathing exercises. but its seems nothing is working for me. this poses a real issue for me because i tend to study as much as i can in a day ( around 4-6 hours)...
  22. niagra_falls


    so i just completed the first 87 questions in the bio section of the destroyer and i only got 53 of the 87 questions correct. I don't know if i should be happy or if i'm on the right track. so far the questions i got wrong were either material i haven't gone over, silly mistakes and things ive...
  23. C

    DAT Destroyer Ochem #6 2017

    I understand why the answer is D but was curious about the explanation for why B is incorrect. Answer choice B says that Ethanol/H20 @ ph=10 is not miscible. Why? @orgoman22
  24. J


    So I will be taking the DAT during the first week of spring semester. I will be taking 12 or 15 hours. (genetics and biochem along side 2 or 3 upper level major classes) during the fall semester and need advice in how to go about studying during the semester? I would like to start studying for...
  25. artist2022

    DAT Breakdown! 8/9/2017 - 25AA/24TS/22PAT

    Hello again, SDN! As I was typing that title thread just now, I still couldn't believe it. Brace yourself, this will be long. Here are my scores: PAT:22 QR:25 RC:25 Bio:25 GC:26 OC:22 TS:24 AA:25 First, how test day was, then how I prepared! But first, some background: oGPA= 3.88, sGPA=3.99...
  26. D

    DAT Tomorrow!

    Hey All, Not sure if this is redunandant already but I figured I'd ask it anyway as my first ever post and would love some advice. I am a bit nervous for my DAT tomorrow because I have been trending down in biology with respect to my scores on Bootcamp. I currently have a 3.95 overall gpa and a...
  27. dentaldiva27

    DAT Bootcamp Question

    How similar are the DAT bootcamp QR tests to the 2017 DAT? I am doing the new comparison questions on DAT bootcamp and am struggling to understand them. I also am struggling with my timing for the PAT section so if anyone has ANY suggestions/recommendations for what I should do for that, that...
  28. K

    DAT Study tips 8/7/2017

    Hi Guys! Your posts helped me get through 2 months of studying, so I'd like to share my own study tips that will hopefully help some of you as well. This is really long, so skim as needed! Background: I finished my DAT a few days ago and scored 21+ in all sections with a 21 TS and 23 AA. This...
  29. S

    Should I reschedule my DAT?

    My DAT is in less than two days (Tuesday the 8th). Today i took the 2009 DAT and got the following scores: Bio:19 Chem:19 Ochem:18 Reading:19 PAT:22 Math: n/a (i feel solid about this so I didn't bother with it) I thought i was a lot more prepared for ochem and my gen chem score should have...
  30. N

    Studying DAT(2.5weeks left)

    Hello everyone! I have been studying DAT with DAT destroyer and cliff notes with feralis. After solving Destroyer once, I am currently doing bootcamp Test for each section. The marks have some severe up and down (19 to 23) . QR is 17:( With ~2weeks left till the exam, I'm planning to finish...
  31. J

    Retook DAT and lower scores (HELP!)

    I am in a really strange/scary position.. I took the DAT last year and scored a 17 AA and retook it couple weeks ago and scored a 16 AA (breakdowns are below). I am not sure what went wrong on my second DAT, I used bootcamp, mikes videos, chads, make bio notes etc. I must say....I should've...
  32. RoseIrene

    My DAT breakdown -- [22AA / 22TS / 23PAT]

    Officially done! I can't tell you how good it feels to have this test completed, it quite literally took over my life these past 2 months. During my time studying this forum was my lifeline. SDN would immediately have a response to my most obscure questions, so I wanted to post a quick version...
  33. _a_rose2238

    My DAT Scores!!!

    Hi everyone, I took the DAT yesterday and after seeing all of the 22s 23s 25s on here I felt a tad disappointed that my AA was more average. I wasn't going to do a breakdown or anything but I figured what the heck I studied too damn hard for this test not to feel proud of myself. :lovey...
  34. J


    Hey guys! So I've decided to take my DAT in January before spring classes begin. I will be taking kaplan from October 1st - Decemebr 6th. I also plan on self-studying all of winter break with DAT Destroyer and Chad's Videos.. (by the way, does anybody recommend DAT bootcamp for self-studying as...
  35. I'mthebadguy

    DAT DONE!! 2017

    Hi guys I recently made an account so that I can share valuable information regarding the DAT I took today! I wanted to help others because I was glued to these forums when I was prepping for my exam :) Materials used: Cliffs, Ferrallis, chads videos, Bootcamp, qvault, Both destroyers, genius...
  36. E

    DAT 6/23/17 Breakdown

    Sorry I'm late to post this but I've been out of town and after reading everybody's breakdowns I feel as though I should give mine : ) (sorry if it's kind of long but I just want to give all of the advice that I can). Let me just start out by saying I studied for 4 1/2 weeks for about 10-12...
  37. joshthebear

    DAT Breakdown! 7/27/2017 - 22AA / 22TS

    Hello Everyone, I just took my DAT this morning and managed to score fairly well. My scores: BIO/GC/OC/RC/QR/PAT/TS/AA 21/ 23/ 23/ 20/ 21/ 22/ 22/ 22 I can honestly say I performed far better than I thought I did once I finished the end survey. First things first. I studied a bit on and off...
  38. T

    3 Weeks On and Off Studying; 22AA 20 PAT

    Hey everyone! I just took the DAT today and I am really happy with my scores. I originally planned on start studying right when I finished the spring semester in the beginning of May, but with procrastination, I ended up starting sometime in June. Along with studying for the DAT, I also had a...
  39. D

    MATH Destroyer vs. DAT BC QR (specific question type)

    Math Destroyer and DAT BC have similar QR question, but the answers that they have for this specific type of question always differs. Someone please tell me the correct approach, thank you! Ex: 30% pop. loves cheese, 70% (or like 50%) pop. loves yogurt, 11% loves cheese and yogurt, what...
  40. tarheel2017

    Done with DAT! 24 AA 24 TS 21 PAT. Thanks and Advice

    Hey Everyone! Just got back from the test center and am happy to say I exceeded my expectations! This forum has helped me immensely over the past 3 months and I just wanted to say some thanks and give some advice to others! First the scores: PAT 21 QR 23 RC 24 Bio 24 GC 25 OC 24 TS 24 AA 24...