1. Z

    Question about having attended two schools at the same institution

    Hello everyone, I was in 6-year Pharm D program at Rutgers - New Brunswick for a bit and then took a gap semester Then, transferred to School of Arts and Sciences (biggest school with the most majors) within Rutgers - New Brunswick where I finished my Bachelor's degree recently When I tried to...
  2. D

    Dental School Finances. Debt, income, and the future of dentistry

    Hello, I would love to have current dentists, dental students, and pre-dental students to weigh in on my financial situation as it pertains to dental school and loan repayment. I am a 21-year-old male who will be starting my D1 year this fall. My estimated cost of attendance is ~$375,000 not...
  3. mynameam

    What Undergrad School before Dental School?

    I just spent my freshman year at a good state school. However, I now got into UNC Chapel Hill to transfer for the rest of my undergraduate career if I wanted to. If I stayed at my original school, I would definitely get a higher GPA than at UNC. I would still get all my shadowing in during the...
  4. C

    What are my chances of admission with low gpa?

    Hey all, so I’m finishing up undergrad this semester and want to apply to dental school this cycle. My gpa is on the lower end (3.28 overall 2.9 bcp) but this is due to the fact that I’ve had to work to help my father support my family of 5 financially while also caring for my mother (she...
  5. ToothSleuth_93

    I didn't get in to Dental School... Here's what I did! - Success Story

    This thread is for those of you who got rejected or are still waiting for an acceptance letter for this dental school application cycle and don't know what to do next... I am currently a third year dental student at the Kornberg School of Dentistry of Temple University in Philadelphia, PA...
  6. 1

    Is there any Canadian Student Attending US Dental School? [Seeking advice for Tuition Loans]

    Hi, I have a question about asking tuition loans for US dental schools as a Canadian citizen. I heard that usually, students ask both the Canadian government and the private banks for getting the loans. However, I have no idea what's the maximum amount that we can get from government loans...
  7. O

    California Pre-Dental Post bacc's Advice

    2.9 GPA from UW Seattle, haven't taken DAT yet but will before I graduate. Figured the low gpa will hinder my chances of getting in so I was looking into post-baccs back home - California. Any suggestions for post bacc's in California with a good record of their pre-dental students gaining...
  8. M

    Changing career plans

    Hey everyone, I'm currently a senior and I have recently had a change of heart when it comes to my future plans. Initially, I was a pre-med student until I started getting involved with a research lab group and decided that I would pursue a Ph.D. program in Cancer Biology or Nutrition. Recently...
  9. jayaykay15

    Chances of Acceptance with a 3.55 oGPA and a 3.2 sGPA?

    Hey everyone first time poster here, I'll be completing my undergrad a BYU (LDS school in Utah) in about a year and a half with a degree in Public Health: Health Science. My soon to be wife will finish about a year and a half after I graduate and it is really important to her to finish her...
  10. M

    What extra curriculars should I do?

    Hey everyone, I am a junior transferring from community college to UF. My grades are horrible compared to other people. I have a lot of hours shadowing and quite a bit of volunteering hours. What should I do other than get a better GPA and a good DAT to make my application look better? I...
  11. A

    What are my chances as a NY resident?

    Hello all, Buffalo and Rutgers started looking at my application on 10/10. I didn’t do as well on the DAT as I had hoped so I wonder what my chances are? sgpa for undergrad: 3.1 So I was a chem major my first three years and my upper level chem, physics, and math courses really brought my gpa...
  12. I

    Worrying for no reason - late-ish submission, chances of getting pre-dec interviews?

    I had no idea I was able to submit my application before finishing the supp questions so I waited until I had all of that done before submitting my application (Sept 2.). Not even a week and a half later I got an interview invite from Touro (yay!) but it is in January. Is there anything I can do...
  13. beso1221

    good DAT and GPA, Applied to 13 schools.

    Hi, what are my chances of getting more interviews? my application was complete on 9/15 DAT: 19 AA/ 21 TS/ 20 PAT GPA: 3.5 cGPA/ 3.55 sGPA International student, Residency: Florida Interviews: NOVA Schools applied to: NOVA Midwestern- ILL Midwestern- Arizona Tufts NYU Case western Las vegas...
  14. W

    Pre-dents, how do you like to engage with current students?

    Hey guys, I'm involved with pre-dental committee at my school and just went through matriculation. When I was applying, I was a little more shy and wasn't going to every pre-dental day or event and instead preferred to check social media. I came to the website hundreds of times and was always...
  15. E

    Pre-Med-->Pre-Dental. Am I on track?

    Thank you for any help with this in advance! I graduated last May from college thinking medical school. I graduated with: cGPA: 3.78 sGPA: unsure but guessing 3.3-3.5 Research hours: 2000 hrs Hospital orderly: 1000 hrs Currently full time CNA for a dermatology clinic and will be there from...
  16. MGA100

    My Dat Experience and Resources

    Hey there future dentists, I thought I would share my experience with regards to the dat that I recently took, as well as give some insight into how I prepared. I will do my best to be brief and concise. Firstly, my scores: PA: 20 QR: 23 RC: 24 Bio: 30 GC: 28 OC: 24 TS: 27 AA: 26 My...
  17. U

    chance me with this GPA?

    I am currently an upcoming junior. And my GPA is a 3.58, sGPA is a 3.15 I think. I had a C started in college in gen chem 1 because my HS didn't prepare me enough for the science courses here in college. But got a A in chem 2. But I think I am going to have Two B in organic chemistry. My science...
  18. N

    ***The Official Rutgers School of Dental Medicine Class of 2024 Interview/Acceptance Thread***

    Hi, I noticed there was on thread for this upcoming cycle. Has anyone heard anything back yet? Last year's thread: ***The Official Rutgers School of Dental Medicine Class of 2023 Interview/Acceptance Thread*** Link to interview prep: Rutgers School of Dental Medicine Interview Feedback ---->...
  19. N

    ***The Official University of Louisville Class of 2024 Interview/Acceptance Thread***

    Hi, I have applied and noticed there was not a new one for this upcoming cycle! Has anyone heard back about interviews? Last year's thread: ***The Official University of Louisville Class of 2023 Interview/Acceptance Thread*** Link to interview prep: University of Louisville School of Dentistry...
  20. C

    Personal Statement Help

    Will someone please help me with my personal statement. I am so so bad at writing these, and have no clue how to start it/ what to say in it. It would mean so much to me.
  21. 9

    When to Apply?

    Hello, all! I am finalizing my applications, and I anticipate getting everything submitted by July 1st. Is this date too late? I know everyone stresses June. I am just being meticulous with my essays and have been meeting with various academic advisors to edit them. From what I've been told...
  22. W

    Chances? please advise!!

    Applied this cycle with the following stats: cGPA: 3.47 sGPA: 3.38 DAT: AA = 23 TS = 22 RC = 27 PAT = 19 Residence: CALIFORNIA Shadowing: 115 hours Volunteering: 200+ at nonprofit Leadership experience: president of nonprofit for 1 year Research: 2 years at prestigious research university...
  23. T

    Chances for dental school and master program

    Hi guys, I'm currently doing a master in biology and have a 4.0 GPA 26 credits so far. Unfortunately for undergrad my GPA was a 3.2o and 3.0s which is why I didn't apply for dental school last year. I'm hoping the master is enough but I know its not a special MSP so would this lower my...
  24. S

    Chance me! :]

    I am applying this 2019-2020 cycle. I am a Washington Resident. I have 3.51 sGPA and cGPA. First 2 years were 2.70, last 3 years were 3.97 combined (upward trend). My DAT scores are: 24AA, 23TS, 23PAT. RC 19, BIO25, CHEM24, OCHEM22, QR30 - 200+ Shadowing hours at GD offices, Ortho, Endo, OMFS...
  25. F


  26. R

    Reapplicant needing help with school list/WAMC

    Please do not quote this thread. Hello everyone, I hope y'all are doing well. I'm a current reapplicant and I hope to make it in this cycle! Any constructive advice would be very helpful! Date of submission: TMDSAS June 13 AADSAS Hopefully before July Calculated GPA on TMDSAS Overall GPA: 3.51...
  27. M

    What are my chances??

  28. C

    Is this too heavy of a course load at summer UC Berkeley Extension?

    Hi everyone! I am an undergrad at Berkeley and planning on taking summer courses at UCB Extension this summer and was wondering if you have personally taken any of these classes with any of these specific professors since reviews about they are pretty scattered and if so, how would these...
  29. R

    Pre-dental to Pre-medical?

    Hello, I’m currently a 3rd year student and I’m in a tough spot as I plan to study and take either the DAT or MCAT this summer. I’ve been pre-dental since day one of college mainly attracted by the lifestyle and being able to make an impact by helping people improve their self image through...
  30. K

    Is Dental School Worth it? Canadian, Atlantic Bridge, Debt?

    Hi everyone, I just finished my second year of undergrad. I had an extremely rough first year due to mental illness, so my cGPA is not the best (2.94). My second year only GPA is a 3.5. I am not the best at science, I have always had to work very, very hard to understand the concepts. My major...
  31. M

    What undergrad school should I go to?

    Hi everyone, I'm almost finishing up my AA in community college and it's almost time for me to go to a 4 year university. I am having troubles deciding on which university to go to, either UF or Nova. I know the tuition is a big factor in the differences between the two, but i'm going to need...
  32. S

    Weighing of Masters GPA

    For those that applied with a masters degree, did you weigh that GPA more when choosing where to apply? Did you find that dental schools put more weight on how you did in the masters program then your undergrad GPA? This is going with the assumption that your DAT is stellar. I am having a hard...
  33. S

    Supplemental Questions

    So I saw that UCSF has their supplemental questions posted on their website and was just curious if there were other schools that you know of that also do this? Also, are more dental schools including their supplemental questions in their primary app and doing away with the secondary app?
  34. T

    Marquette University Post-Bacc BMPD 2019-2020

    Hey! Starting this thread since there isn’t one yet.
  35. J

    Low science GPA, is there a chance?

    Hello all, I know there's a bunch of threads in regards to this question. I plan to apply to dental school this upcoming summer and am currently studying for the DAT, but after further consideration, I'm worried and stressed in regards to my stats. I graduated with a business degree but took...
  36. D

    NHSC Dental Scholarship Questions.

    I am a pre-dental student matriculating into dental school this fall and I am planning on applying to the NHSC scholarship. I understand that there are letters of recommendation that are needed and I am wondering if they are supposed to be letters from faculty or a current dentist or anyone? I...
  37. FruitCanal

    Medical Scribe - How to frame on an application?

    I should start by saying I did not switch to dental because it was an "easier path"! I just found that medicine wasn't for me... after starting my scribing position. However, I still need the money and I want to be able to use the time I've spent here in my application if possible. I am also...
  38. N


  39. K

    RDH: How much of an advantage will I have when applying to dental school?

    Hi everyone, I am a registered dental hygienist currently working towards a bachelors in biomedical sciences. If I get almost straight A's for the rest of my curriculum, I can raise my oGPA to a 3.4-3.5, which I know is not the greatest. I am aiming high for the DAT and hoping to get a 25AA and...
  40. TheSweetTooth

    VCU SAEP 2019

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to create a thread on the current VCU SAEP program cycle since the deadline for early decision just passed. Also, if anyone has already been through this program, would you recommend it? There isn't that much information on it online so I just want to make sure that I...