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Aug 29, 2006
Well I'm going to take the test in August. Right now it's January which gives me about 7 months to study for it.

So far I've gathered a list of resources that I will use to practice for the test and then develop a strategy, on how to use that material most effectively. Maybe you guys can help me with that.

Here is the list, I have some things, and somethings I have to get.

Campbells Bio Txt BK
Shaums Bio
Cliffs AP Bio
MCAT Examcrackers BIO (have)

MCAT Examcrackers CHEM (have)
DAT Destroyer
My chem txt book from school

Dat Destroyer
School Txt Book
MCAT exam crackers (have)


MCAT verbal Reasoning (have)

School Txt Book

Topscore Testing

A few questions now.

1. Can anyone recommend me any products that they found helpful that were not on the list. I need more testing resources.

2. Do you suggest I read one subject and move on to the next like, January brush up on BIO, and February CHEM etc... Or mix it up.

Thank you


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Jul 28, 2007
Jeez, with all that stuff you should be able to pull 30's across the board. :laugh:
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Feb 15, 2008
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Unless you have a weird case, I wouldn't start studying yet. You will get burned out fast and in the end your score will suffer. IMO.


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Jun 14, 2008
If you fully comprehend concepts that are in your text book then i think you should have no reason to use the test prep guide, unless you use it for review. Most of what you will find in the test preps will be a reiteration of what has been learned from ur text books. Depending on how long ago u took ur chem bio and orgo, i would start with the text book. Read them do all the problems in them and then when ur all done, go through and do the problems all over again without prereading. (master what you get wrong) it is alot of information to soak in but given u have 7 months then u should be fine. Im taking mine in august as well. Im using my campbell bio 8th edition text and thats all for bio. It is the reference book that they pull their Qs from. Destroyer is enough for orgo and chem combined IMO. CPD is amazing for PAT realy get u in the testing mode. Topscore is a must have. And take as many tests as you can possible. Condition urself for the exam, so that no matter what you encounter on D-Day you will be capable of properly handling any problems that you encounter. Best of Luck to you :thumbup:

BTW- Its never "too" early to study. We all have different study habbits, and therefore learning habbits. IMO you cant cram this in 7months thats too much time, if u try to cram ull prolly cram everythign like 4 times in 7 months. however if you feel like you want to "LEARN" not cram and regergetate what you learned i think 7 months will suffice.:cool:
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