DAT test date question

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May 17, 2010
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So I'm applying this cycle but a bit late, due to DAT scores
I'm planning on taking my test on july 7 but I probably will postpone to july 14. Now I don't know if I push for another week to july 21, because I feel by then, it would be considered really late.
What do you think?
Thanks in advance.

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Sure July isn't a earlier than June 4 but at the same time don't rush taking the dat & end up getting a lame score.

Why don't you submit your application now& then update dat scores later?

If postponing dat a weekor two means a better dat score then by all means postpone it...no benefit in rushing applications really early & getting a lame score

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Lol I never answered your Queston...July 7,14, or 21? ... It all depends on how strong rest of your application is. Regardless I would pick July 14 at the latest

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When I applied two years ago I took my DAT July 15, and I had interview invitations mid-August for early September. I wish I would have applied sooner, but July is not late at all. Just be sure you have everything else completed.
Thank you for the responses!. What a relief. I feel one week could make a big difference.