Dates for steps 1 & 2, too late???? HELP!!!

Discussion in 'General Residency Issues' started by hippoppop, May 28, 2008.

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    Hi all, thanks for reading this.

    Need a urgent advice on my question.

    I am a UK MS graduating this July, trying to get into the MATCH 2009, taking CK on the 4th of August 2008, taking Step 1 on the 19th of August 2008, CS in September. I know i am taking this a little bit late, but I just decided to go for US residency recently.

    I am aiming for categorical general surgery residency, I have 2 months working experience in St lukes- Roosevelt Hospital, New York.

    Is the above arrangement ok? provided i passed all of them on the first go....

    Will it affect my ERAS matching process? or chances of getting interview? I know the PDs start downloading the application in September....

    By 2009 July, I will have a year of MD experience in Anaesthetics/Surgery/Medicine, does it help in getting a residency?

    Thanks for helping..........
  2. Just out of curiosity...why are you taking Step 2 CK before Step 1? :confused:

    Do you have US letters of recommendation?

    You'll need to do more than just "pass" Step 1 and 2 CK - you have to aim really high in order to maximize your chances of matching. Categorical General Surgery is getting quite competitive for everyone, least of all IMGs.

    Where will your year of "MD experience" be? In the UK? Here in the US?

    Best of luck!
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