Deadlines and AMCAS questions

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Feb 28, 2013
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When does the AMCAS actually submit the application to medical schools? For example:

Can you submit the AMCAS if you didn't take the MCAT? Does it submit after you have taken the MCAT? If you already took the MCAT but listed that you are going to take it again, does it submit after the MCAT date or after the MCAT scores have arrived? Do you need to have letters of recommendations letters in the system before submitting? How long does it take to process the AMCAS application? (One med school was telling me to submit 4-6 weeks before their deadline because that's how long it takes for AMCAS app to get verified.) What exactly does it mean for the application to get verified?

I'm currently in a situation where I got a 29 on the MCAT and need to take it again to apply this cycle. Most early admission deadlines are August 1 and regular deadlines November 1. Is it possible to submit the AMCAS without having my new MCAT scores released?

When do transcripts need to be sent since I'm sure they also take a long time to get verified?