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Jun 20, 2007
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This might have a better response rate in the general ERAS/Match forum, but I'm applying to pediatrics and would like to get some pediatric input.

Long story short - our Deans' Office is extremely behind schedule on getting out drafts of our MSPEs. There is now significant doubt whether or not they will be ready this Monday. (Getting them uploaded Monday seems to be the best-case scenario, uploaded the night prior so they are available Monday is pretty much out of the question.)

At this point, I have a lot of interviews, but the programs from which I'm still waiting to hear are the more competitive on my list. At how much of a disadvantage will I (and my classmates) be placed if our MSPEs aren't done until after the deadline?
Jul 14, 2009
From what I've been hearing, programs are getting 10-20% more applicants this year compared to last year. When you have 1000 applicants to sift through (and probably more for the programs like Hopkins), I highly doubt a one day delay is going to matter. The stack of applications they are going to be looking at are going to be huge. It will take at least a week to go through. As long as it's uploaded by Thursday night, I think you're going to be just fine.

Of course, I'm assuming that programs are not really looking at the files until everything is in. They may already have an idea of applicants they want to invite and are just using MSPE to rule out candidates. If that's the case, it might hurt you a bit, but only if you are more than a couple days late.

Hopefully that reassures you.