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Mar 30, 2011
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At the last minute, I have decided to apply the residency programs this cycle.
And, unfortunately, I just noticed that in order for dental school transcript to be sent, you have to bring the transcript request form to registrar at the school, wait for them to mail it to ADEA, and it takes several days until ADEA finally verify the transcript on PASS website.
Problem is that one of the program that I am applying to has deadline within a few days...
Is it possible(does the website let you do) to first submit the pass application, and just hope for ADEA to process the transcript upload asap? Or, is it even OK to send individually to the program that I am applying to?

I would really appreciate your thoughts.

Jun 25, 2017
You can submit your application and write an email to the admission office that the transcripts will be updates soon.
If they say that it is mandatory, then you can ask them the direct submission option.

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