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Jul 6, 2016
I am an incoming junior at a University and have just recently decided to pursue a career in dentistry...I know it's a bit late but better late than never right. That being said, I have a small amount of shadowing hours from a nearby dental clinic. Should I wait until the end of my senior year to apply to den school or apply at the end of my junior year with probably a minimal amount of hours I could accumulate throughout the year? Also. I'm still confused about the cycles and such so I don't even know if at the end of our years is when we apply ??????
Sep 7, 2016
To begin with, it’s great that you’ve chosen to pursue a career in dentistry. The throws open a wide range of opportunities, although most choose to join a private practice in general dentistry like I did at http://www.revitalizingsmiles.com/general-dentistry. It’s a highly rewarding career option, especially when you realize the significant role oral health plays in a person’s general well-being.

Since you already have shadowing hours, you’ve experienced what it’s like to treat patients. You need to invest at least 100 hours of general practice shadowing and maybe 50 hours of a specialty practice shadowing to gain a better understanding of dentistry. It’s a good idea to begin early and keep accumulating the hours. Don’t wait for the year to end to apply.