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Feb 12, 2007
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I have an interest in dermatology, and I know this is the field I want to get into eventually. I have 2 and half more years of undergrad left. I was wondering if it would be worthwhile to get my esthetician license for the experience, but also be able to make more money than minimum wage...any thoughts?? Thanks :)


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May 10, 2004
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Honestly, wouldn't help you one single bit, quite possibly the reverse. Get into a medical school, study like crazy, get some research experience, very solid LoR's and a really good USMLE score, and then you can start thinking of applying.

Esthetician license will NOT help you, and working while in med school wouldn't either.

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Nov 13, 2006
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PathOne is right... one step at a time. Worry about getting into med school first, and then worry about building up your resume for a derm residency.

One thing that might help is, if your undergrad has a medical campus, get in contact with the derm department there (if there is one), and perhaps do some research with them or shadow some dermatologists around. If you end up actually going to there for medical school, you could continue your research with them, and then when it comes time for residency, assuming you have all other factors in order, you might be able to match there. Either way, building some contacts in the derm field might help.
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