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Feb 12, 2020
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I am looking for some suggestions on where to live in Des Moines. Want to be 15-20 minutes from campus, want a 2 bedroom. Was looking for suggestions of nice apartment complexes that may not show up on

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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One of the apartments right next to the DMU campus. Super convenient
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Definitely don’t live 15-20 minutes from campus. Live across the street or down the block, there are plenty of 2 bedroom places for cheapish. You’re gonna regret that 20 min drive for a 1 hour mandatory lecture. Plus paying for parking is annoying. Pm me with specific questions I’m a third year
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The area right around the school is nice and has plenty of apartments. Some classmates chose to live downtown (still <10min from campus) and liked it too. No need to live in West Des Moines or further out unless you want a house.

Also, on those annoyingly snowy and icy days, you want to be as close to campus as possible because I can guarantee DMU won’t cancel anything (even with severe weather warnings).