didn't get into scripps, what now?

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Sep 18, 2003
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well according to them, it was very competitive and they only had 14 seats to fill out of 65 applicants.

i'm starting to think santa monica is my only choice now for post bacc, especially because CSU's are not taking post-baccs (CSU Mentor wouldnt even process my app because i will be getting my B.S.

any words of support or insight as to what i can do? rejection sux and its hard to deal with, especially if it's your first and you were really excited about their program. but i'm determined to move on and succeed

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Dude, I'm sorry to hear that. Too bad you didn't apply to SFSU.....
Sorry to hear about Scripps. Scota is on to something... I believe the CSUs in NorCal are less impacted than in SoCal. So if you could move you could look into SFSU, SJSU or CSU Hayward. They all have taken post-bacs in the past. Otherwise, just get started at Santa Monica, work hard, get to know your professors for some good recs, do some volunteering and don't give up :)
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I forgot to add you could also try to take some stuff in summer session because they sometimes do not have requirements about registering if you already having a degree.
elvin, what do you mean the csu are not process your application because you are getting a bs? you haveto finish school before you apply to postbac?
yeah i'm regretting not applying to SFSU, i thought i'd be comfortable with santa monica if things didnt turn out with scripps, but i'm beginning to second guess myself.

savvy, since i will be entering as a postbacc this summer, i must apply as a post bacc now. even though i won't officially have my B.S. until june. the fact that i checked post bacc on my application is what didn't allow it to be processed. i got messages such as "CSU Fullerton (or anyother csu in so cal) is not taking post-baccs this year"

i am also contemplating concurrent enrollment at UCSD, but i'm gonna go check out santa monica this friday to get a better feel for it. thanx for the replies guys
oh, I see. Did you try CSU LA?
couldn't you take a DYI postbac at CSLA? that's what i'm planning on doing (either CSLA or CSUN...i'm debating which one b/c CSUN is cheaper for some reason..they're semester). but it sounds like CSLA's advising really sucks, does it?
yes, i have heard csula's advising is not the greatest. that is the reason i am considering SMC's, i hear they have wonderful advising...

You should PM Brickhouse! She did her post bac stuff at SMC, and she had really good experiences. Good luck!
thanx, i just got an email from SFSU saying that i may still be able to get in. so i will be sending out my forms very very soon
where can i get more info about doing a postbac at SFSU?