Difference between Haloform reaction and Alpha Halogenation

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Aug 17, 2011
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Number 28 on destroyer 2013, one of the reagents that reacts with a ketone is Iodine (I2) in excess, along with OH-. Apparently this is the haloform reaction, after looking it up (Chad didn't go over it)

But, before searching google, I went through my chad's notes and saw Alpha halogenation, which is a reaction with a ketone that substitutes one of the alpha hydrogens with Bromine, and with excess bromine and hydroxide, it will substitute all 4 alpha hydrogens. In his example he used cyclohexANONE.

Does the haloform reaction only react with methyl ketone? Even if that were the case, wouldn't the negative oxygen replace the methyl, but ALSO iodines on the other alpha carbon?
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