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Mar 28, 2001
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Hey everyone, I've been struggling to come to a decision and I was hoping some of you dents or pre-dents out there could help. :confused:
I applied this year for the class of 2005 and got interviews at NYU, Tufts and BU. I was accepted to NYU and BU, however due to my late application, the class at Tufts was already full and I was only placed on the waitlist.
I refused NYU's offer and put a deposit down at Boston, just to be safe. The problem is, from my research and my gut feeling, I really feel that Tufts would be the best place for me. Now BU wants their tuition since they start August 1st.
Here's my questions: is it worth taking my chances and waiting for Tufts, possibly even losing a year just to get into my first choice? Is Tufts really that much better, or can someone present me with some evidence that BU is the place to go? Tufts has said that deferrement is a possibility if students don't get accepted from the waitlist, but is this something worth banking on?

Any help would be great, I have to decide ASAP, and this will affect my whole future. :)

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Interesting dilemma.....

If I were you, I would go ahead enroll in BU and pay their tuition. When Tufts does decide to accept you at a later date, you can always withdraw from BU with partial refund. Who knows...myabe when you go to BU for the first few weeks of school, you will fall in love with the place.

August 1st?!@#? OUCH! My school starts on 8/27. :D I think the worst has to be University of Pacific....they start this friday! :eek:
Well i believe its not so much the School u go to, but how hard u try that determines what u get out of the school. I would go with were u are accepted and if u really hate it u could always transfer the next year. We had a new student transfer in to our class the 2nd year. I know its hell and i wouldn't do it, but its always a possible
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Does BU not offer a defferment of tuition until you get your student loans? Also I believe Doggie has the right idea, I would suggest that you can withdraw (you would lose some money like this) and Tufts probably would tell you by the end of July.

By the way, I'm in the same predicament - I wanna go to Tufts too!!
Thanks for the replies everyone,

Is it really true that I can receive a partial refund after withdrawing?
This doesn't seem quite right to me though, and I think that once I make a decision, I will have to stick by it. I am fortunate to have been accepted there and it doesn't seem ethical to quit and waste the spot of someone else who really wanted to attend the school.
I wouldnt go as far as saying that it is unethical.......maybe more of being "frowned" upon. I dont know of any other ways of securing your spot in dental school this year.

I dont know if all schools offer partial refund for withdrawals, but I am definitely sure that UoP has gives partial refund.
Hi DMD05??

May I ask you what your GPA, DAT scores, and experiences were? What time did you apply to Tufts? I'm also interested in those schools you applied to (esp. Tufts and Boston) Thanks.