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Jun 16, 2023
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Hi I am struggling on the topic to focus on for my diversity essay. I have two unique life experiences that I think could be good, but wanted some feedback if possible.

1. My parents were both big followers of the counterculture in the 70's. This defined life experiences during my upbringing. I plan to talk a few specific experiences from this background that defined my perspective. These include getting stranded on a boat overnight, helping them navigate modern medicine when natural therapies no longer worked, how I helped organize and write songs for my dad's cover band. Other ideas are making tie dye t shirts and organizing community events where we lived.

2. I used to stutter when I was younger. After years of speech therapy, I eventually just decided to jump ship and try out for my school musical in high school. I got the lead role and this helped me become a successful speaker. I now am better able to work with people with speech issues or communication barriers of all kind. I can talk about how I have used this experience to bridge gaps in communication in various contexts.

Thanks for the help. I am struggling with what to write and pick the best topic. How should I translate each experience to how I can help advance diversity at the school if it is picked?

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1 is bland and doesn't have anything that is applicable to leadership or health care.

2 sounds like a good topic. Do you have any community service for disabled folks or people who have speech impairment?
For number 2, I now work at an organization that empowers people with learning disabilities to gain independence and self esteem by teaching them sports. I specifically teach lacrosse. Some people we work with are nonverbal so maybe that? I also work in ERs where spanish is needed, but that seems common
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