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    I feel like these posts are a dime a dozen, but I need some advice.

    For my diversity essay, I've been discussing being a part of the LGBTQ+ community and growing up in a blended family (stepdad + 3 stepsiblings moved in when I was 16) and the perspectives those have given me. For example, my stepsisters had a very different upbringing from myself, so I talk about how learning to compromise and communicate with them has taught me how to learn from people with different backgrounds than my own.

    Is this a decent response to the "what will you contribute to the class" types of questions?

    I'm having a hard time figuring out how to answer the diversity prompts.
    This is fine
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    May 10, 2021
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      Hi there! This sounds like a very good topic to write about. What you need to remember is that you should always mention what you learned from a certain experience and show how you will apply this learning moving forward. When explaining what life with your stepsisters was like at the beginning and mentioning the steps you took to overcome possible challenges, be sure to show rather than tell all the skills that you learned. You have already identified the most important ones, learning to compromise and communicate, so make sure expand a little bit on those and then explain how you see yourself using these same skills as a medical student and in your future profession. This is how you show how you will contribute to the class. Admissions committees want to know that you are a good fit for their program and that you will bring something to the table, so go ahead and show them how these experiences you have gone through have allowed you to develop and enhance certain characteristics and skills that you can now use as a student in their program. Hope this helps! Best of luck to you.
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