DIY Postbacc or Postbacc with linkage?

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Mar 9, 2017
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Hi everyone !

Due to the grade replacement policy no longer in place for DO programs I was hoping for some guidance on what to do next.

I'll be graduating with a cGPA of 3.2 and a sGPA of around 2.9. I've only taken general bio and chem and one ochem course. I did the math and after finishing a career changing style postbacc, I'll be able to get both my cumulative and science GPA to around 3.4 or so if I manage all As and a couple high Bs in in the program.

I had originally planned on doing a DIY postbacc because of my undergraduate loans (over 100k), but now I'm not sure how competitive I'll be without the grade replacement policy. I looked into formal postbacc programs with linkages to med schools, but they are pretty expensive and I've been hearing how it's difficult to get into the linkage program to begin with.

How hard is it exactly to get into a linkage program (particularly CSUF and Scripps)?

Should I save money and just DIY my postbacc for the perquisites and consider a SMP if my gpa and mcat end up not being competitive or go into a formal postbacc with the chance of getting into their linkage program?

Thank you !

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