DIY vs Formal postbacc for a senior in college?

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Aug 16, 2022
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Hi all, I'm in my last semester of a psychology major and am looking for insight as to whether I should do a DIY or formal postbacc. I took a first semester of bio and chem already my freshman year. My cGPA is a 3.61 (I failed chem 1 and math freshman year, retook and got B and A- so I'm not sure what my AMCAS gpa is). I got in to 4 postbacc programs and was about to accept an offer at GWU's program. However I need help evaluating if its worth it.

- cost is not a big problem, I won't have to take out loans
- based in TX so I would have to move
- not interested in linkage
- want to have options for med schools and may want to go to NY, somewhere in the northeast or stay in TX
- won't have to work during the program

It will take me the same amount of time to complete. I would probably do a DIY at UT Austin. Would a formal program increase my chances of getting in? I would like to have the structure/advising of a formal program, but is it worth the cost? Is GWU's program any good? Thanks!

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If you only have A's and B's, calculate your application GPAs. The important GPA is science or BCPM as a psychology major. If you have stayed above 3.5, I don't think a SMP will help as much... it is more a waste of money in my opinion because you could either just take DIY upper level biomedical classes and/or you should put your focus into the MCAT and immersive experiences.

So, why do you need a formal postbac? The answer is not clear or convincing in the original post to me. Year by year GPA is very helpful.
Sorry, I didn't clarify I have not taken any other prereqs besides the first semester. I gave up on pre-med after a rough first semester and have decided that I want to try for med school again. So I'm not looking for an SMP, but a career changer postbac. Also, I have had a 4.0 for the last 3 semesters. Would a formal postbacc be better if I have a low GPA?
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The formal program is for career changers or people who need a more structured curriculum with career advising, and possibly MCAT prep thrown in.

The DIY postbac is a less expensive route, and is more for GPA reinvention.
Post-Bacs are for taking advantage of people and making money