Feb 7, 2010
I have to decide very shortly if I should take the USMLE along with the COMLEX. I'm thinking I'd like to do surgery of some variety but in reality I want to keep my options open. Any advice? I'm sure there are several people in same position as I am but all the threads seem ancient (that I could find).

Essentially, its the classic give/take. If I rock both then great, but if I do better on COMLEX than USMLE, does that actually hurt me?

Any insight would be helpful


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Jun 27, 2008
Attending Physician
I've heard a lot of people say only do COMLEX for military, that's what i did but i was just going for FM. I say just go for both if you're leaning toward surgery. If you don't do well on USMLE you don't have to report it to the JSB, if you do well it will prob help plus it gives you options if you get a Civilian deferment.